I am sure someone thought of this before, yet..

I was walking the dogs for their night stroll before bedtime when an idea dawn on me. Actually, one question and one idea: why do dogs have the urge to run and play right after the '"pooping" ? It never fails: 1st, squat and poop. 2nd, clean( very roughly) and then running wildly like you just scored the winning goal at the world cup. Granted, it is a joyous time but I think my roomate would move out immediately if I pumped the fist after my sacred time on the throne...but I digress yet again.
The idea came from the lack of innovative melodies on the music scene nowdays. Only Matisyahu, the orthodox jewish reggaeman, is worth his grain of salt. I was humming along a song by Eric Manana ( traditional malagasy singer) and I had the feeling that the dogs were not as repulsed as usual by my singing. So here is the idea: giving the untapped riches of malagasy melodies, can't anyone convince a producer to find a decent, kind of famous, songwriter/singer to put some english lyrics and sing those melodies, and then produce hit after hit on the cheap ?
Before you rip me for selling the malagasy soul to the capitalistic devil, everybody would benefit from this proposal: tremendous copyrights % earnings for the original artist, exposure for malagasy art, easy production for the singers and new pleasant melodies for the awfully arid music scene of the US. See ? It's not that bad and believe me, any songs from that era is 10 times better than what's on the pop radio here now. I am aware that there is a bit of bias in my judgement (OK, a lot) and that the plan needs the support of a serious marketing campaign but once the tipping point is reached, someone could make quite a bit of money at a very low price. So someone need to get on the phone with Clive Davis or Quincy Jones and make this happen just so that I can tell my grandkids that there was a time when their grandpa made sense and that my generation's music was not defined by Britney Spears and Vanilla Ice ( love both, by the way :) )


  1. Do you know Razia Said? I think she is attempting what you are saying : a blend of Malagasy music with western music and lyrics. Plus she is one gorgeous woman and she can dance!

  2. Thanks for the tip ! Wow, she is as good and talented as advertised (dont know about the dancing). Now she just need some major exposure time. easier said than done