Yannick Noah's pride is wearing the ONE wristband "fight poverty"

As you well know, I have been a strong supporter of the ONE campaign to fight global poverty (one.org). One can knock "ONE" as a campaign by bored celebrities looking for Public Relation stunts, it still beats most of us do about poverty ...zero,nada, ziltch.
You could also have guessed from my previous rants that as a tennis aficionado from the 80's, Yannick Noah's tears of joy when he won the French Open in 1983 ranks as one of the most vivid memories of my childhood. I think I was actually on my knees when his dad jumped on the court to embrace him. ( Then my sister ruined the moment by saying that Noah is rather good-looking). Well, Yannick's son Joakim is tearing it up in front of the US national audience with his basketall play at the University of Florida. It is March Madness here and the entire nation economy and productivity is affected by the college basketball drama. Joakim Noah seemed to be bound for a nice NBA career with the millions in salary that comes with it yet I saw him showcasing his social awareness by sporting the "ONE: fight poverty" wristband. A star athlete with a conscious, refreshing isn't it ? Given his dad background, it is not too surprising but it is nice to see that Joakim has grown into a balanced grounded kid with great basketball potential. Well done, Noah family !

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