Zach Braff has a blog ! and the world is good again

I have been posting a lot today ( I was supposed to finish a report...oh well !) . I just stumble on Zach Braff's very own blog. If you don't know Zach Braff, you really should. He is the lead actor in Garden State ( terrific movie ) and the Scrubs tv show ( comedy at the hospital). He is very funny and one of america ' s saving grace ( the others? Stewart, Alba and Clooney of course ). He is giving tips on good movies, good music and being James Bond's next love affair ( Brokeback style ). Here is the link.
Enjoy and you are welcome !

PS: 1)while I am at it, check out gladwell 's blog.
2) You know it is a bad year for G.W. Bush when Castro can bragg in his face that his Cuban amateur players kicked the US billionaire's asses at the american national pastime game: baseball ! ( remember that Bush used to own the Texas Rangers, Castro for crying out loud ! No wonder he tried his hand at cricket. My roomate can now weep in silence over the soon to come death of his fave game)

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