Just curious what you think...

You know how I feel about the issue. Since the demographic of the visitors is pretty random, kind of unsual and international all at once, I was wondering what your opinion was of the status of Iraq at the 3rd year "anniversary". Thank you for responding but no worries if you don't, to each his own opinion, right ? :-)

what is your take on war in Iraq after 3 years ?

it should have never happen because no WMD

it was necessary to countert errorism and freeIraq

where is Osama ?

it's time to leave

leaving now would be betraying the new Iraq gvt.

the focus should be on other issues.

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  1. I just voted on your poll :)

    I also wanted to thank you for your encouraging comment on my last blog post. It's so wonderful to know there are people out there who understand and care.

    ps: May I add you to list of blog friends? Oh and my email address is bellydancerwannabe@yahoo.com in case you ever want to contact me. ;)

  2. Thanks for visiting and voting Cinthia. (I will not ask what you voted for :) ) I am very glad you are feeling better now. Be honored to be part of your blog friends, I did not ask your permission but your blog is already in my "links" hope you are OK with it :) !

  3. Lova, yes that's fine. I'm sorry I didn't notice that earlier. I'm going to add you to my list now :)

    Thanks again for helping me cheer up.

  4. a voté également. :) against all wars...