Back to the real world !

After a week totally dedicated to writting my annual report and spending way too much time with my boss ( lovely person, but there is such a thing as too many one-on-one meetings ), I am psyched to be back in the real world. It all happended the same week as my childhood friend's ( and cousin) wedding and I feel like I totally missed out on this special occasion. I am thrilled for him and his newlywed lady. I am also happy because I got back to surfing the web and see what my favorite bloggers are talking about. I just realized yesterday that I did not have internet connection for a week on my laptop. How did I manage ? :-) There were great reads all over the blogosphere, ! Boy, did I miss the outside world and the virtual world !I still have to actually hold my meeting but this should be much less painful as my report is still very much engraved in my head. I have plenty of topics I wish to rant about but I don't want to butcher them. Therefore, I will take a stroll outside, enjoy the beautiful spring around here and literally "go out and smell the roses". :) Venting about the state of world will have to wait for a while :).
Potential subjects for the rants : "Da vinci code" as a feminist book, why global exposure matters and How "black" are Tiger Woods, Joakim Noah and Barack Obama ?" )

Have a relaxing week-end !


  1. Glad to have you back! I couldn't imagine living without internet connection...

  2. thank you, I was suprised myself I could go without.... had a good laugh at your " computer post" :)