Happy (busy) week-end and Where on earth is ..

I am looking forward to the week-end. Mood of the day: happy !

Several reasons:
1) Cleo the cat is coming home after one night at the hospital.
2) There's a pool party and beach volley-ball games today on campus. A bit chilly outside but still pleasant
3) I am giving tennis lesson for $22/day to a pretty good local JV student. Decent workout, her parents and her are nice folks andthe extra cash is always welcome.:)
4) College basketball Final Four in Indianapolis: Although I don't have ticket ($500??) I am seriously considering hanging out downtown because I might run into Joakim Noah and his crew. First time that I have an invested personal interest inall 4 teams at the final 4: Florida ( Noah of course and my buddy Junior is down there ) , George Mason ( I lived 5 min from the campus when I was in DC and their success is the equivalent of "ligue 2 team Calais"'s run through la "coupe de france" 6 years ago ), UCLA (C'mon, Reggie Miller alma matter ? Reggie's jersey retirement ceremony on thursday was emotional and classy ) and finally LSU ( my home state, and after Hurricane Katrina disaster, they are my personal favorite).
5) Federer in the final of Nasdaq open: watching the genius of Federer at work has become the equivalent of watching "Carmen" at the opera ( must-see event).
So enjoy your week-end because you know I will enjoy mine !
PS: New recurring feature of Rakoto's rants: "WOEI: Where On Earth Is ....?" ...Eric Cantona:
So popular in UK that they had a #1 hit after this French soccer player. So good that he certainly will be the only french guy to ever be crowned "King" in England. He also called the national french coach: Sac a merde ( no need for translation there ).



  1. you seem pretty happy and busy w/o me -____-

  2. >imei,it's like the story of the man who falls from the top of the 30-stories builidng. As he passes the 20th floor,he keeps repeating to himself: "so far, so good"...get back here before I crash ;-)