This is just not right....

My previous post mentioned in a very casual manner the exticntanimal.com website. Today I am at it again but in no mood to joke around. I will try hard not to sound like a blowhard environmentalist because 1) I drive to work everyday when in theory, I could bike. ( not in -20C winter) 2) I do not do anything concrete about protecting the environment beside making sure the pets are happy.
Still, 2 environment-related events got me unnerved this week: 1) Bush's attempt to reduce gas price at the expense of the environmental recommendations. ( If you cannot afford gas price, I say "carpool" for a while, it can't hurt) 2) the death of 400 dolphins off the coast of Zanzibar (across from Madagascar). The cause of such massive death is obviously uncertain; yet it is highly suspected that sonar emission by a US submarine patrolling the region is implicated. I know that some people in the Bush administration could care less about the damage caused to the earth. However, there is surely a group of people with some leverage that can stop this wreckage from happening over and over again. I am really p...'ed now so I'd better stop here before I get banned for foul language.


  1. Anonymous4:13 PM

    apparement il va aussi utiliser les reserves de petrole dans l'Alaska! pauvre monde...et surtout pauvres Dauphins. Mirou

  2. I think more people should rely less on their cars and use public transportation instead. Or more people should ditch their gigantic SUVs for smaller, more gas efficient cars.

    Whenever someone complains about gas prices, I tell them to take the bus like me and prepare to 1) freeze outside in the winter and 2) fry under the summer sun. Hey, I'm not complaining, why should they? :) To save themselves some dinero, they could also stop consuming so much freaking Starbucks coffee and drink water instead.

    Sorry, I'm ranting. People just need to get their priorities straight.

  3. Mirou> the alaska thing is also outrageous because they were able to keep the polar bear out of the endangered species list. Polar bear on the list would have meant that digging in Alaska would go against protection of endangered species. So polar bear are not really endangered ??? WTH ? There are maybe 10 or 12 left which are not in a zoo.....
    Cinthia> I never considered owning a car in Paris ( made no sense )but once I got here, it all changed. Different cicrcumstances I guess but more importantly different culture....( I got sucked in rather easily :( )