Malagasy dwarf hippo and the "sportsguy"

This is cool: I once wrote an email to Bill "the sportsguy" Simmons on how he had to quit overtaking my life. ( and that because of him, my family back in Madagascar is asking who the heck the sportsguy is and if he had an actual job)
I thought he must have not even looked at the message but in his last article in ESPN magazine, he mentions out of a million extinct animals: the Malagasy dwarf hippopotamus. This is of historical proportion at many levels:
1st time for: -dwarf hippo to be mentioned in ESPN
- "Malagasy" to appear in a "sportsguy" column.
- exctinctanimals.com to be united with Mike Tyson.
-you to ever hear of Malagasy dwarf hippo.
You see ? You can witness history in the making reading this post. Jokes aside, I really believe he was throwing me a bone by picking the Malagasy dwarf hippo ( if you claim to know that such creatures existed, you either work for the commission looking for WMD in Iraq or you should participate in Jeopardy or "Question pour un champion" in French. And if you think I have too much time on my hand, you are probably right. My boss just gave an inquisitive look, Quick "CTRL + TAB" to switch to a bogus spreadsheet.

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