Vola and Andry's big day

I mentioned earlier that I was kind of sad that I had to miss out on my cousin's and childhood pal wedding back home. I even had the misfortune of having the busiest work day of the year on the same day of his wedding. I managed to send a message video to the newlyweds before hand though and today I got a really nice message from him that made the whole "missing-out" thing less painful. It is a very rewarding feeling in a relationship when people may lose direct contact for a while, miss out on big events, yet still know that in the bigger scheme of things, that bond nurtured for 20 years is still indelible. So here's to the newlyweds and to more happy news very soon.


  1. I'm sure they understand you really wanted to be there but couldn't make it. Keep those bonds of friendship strong! It's not everyday that we form friendships that last a lifetime like that.

  2. I do feel fortunate that I can connect with them aswell now despite the time and distance. As you are well aware, the separation with close relatives is at times difficult to bear. However, I believe that the frequency of contact is less important than the message we convey.

  3. Hi Lova,

    I am amazed by seeing this picture :-) !!! where and how dif you get it ?

    As far as I know, it is among those pictures that I took but I'm sure that I have never sent it to anysite.

    Anyway, all the pictures will be online by this week end, FYI, this one shows Andry giving five by seeing you vidéo reminding COT tennis victory vs ASUT team (the best on of Tana)

    C U

  4. >sandy, It's my "envoye special" David Benyamin :) who got me the exclusive :). Andry send it by mail but I did not know he was cheering the reference to Club Olympique de Tana kicking ass against ASUT !!!! That makes it even more precious ! I am ready to recieve tons of hate mail from the ASUT loyalists :) Don't forget to post the pictures Sandy ! Some of us are waiting :)