the week from hell is finally ovah :)

Quick news about the daily life from tis corner of the world: I held my annual committee meeting today. It was basically 4 professors evaluating whether you are worthy of becoming a research scientist based on your progress over the past year. It took me a week to write the report and a couple of days to get over my glossophobia and prepare the presentation. I did not drink before the meeting as I planned earlier (although I wish I did because I was a nervous wreck the whole 2 1/2 hours) It turns out it went quite well after all. The presentation was dreadful in my opinion: my brain started to go 100 mil/h to nowhere and I spoke like those tapes that you run on 4X speed. Awful feeling, I kid you not. Still, they were pleased enough to ask me what I wanted to do next (after the PhD). Well getting a real job would be a start :). I had not the slightest idea what to do next except kicking back with the GB's and finishing writing this stupid study. That's me ( and most guys ) in a nutshell: no foresight, no long-term plan but I have not been too unhappy so far so why change ? :)

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  1. rakotomalala3:12 PM

    Bravo! you made it and we " les Kivouzemes" are proud of le petit dernier!

    Bonne route and keep up! Mirou