2 words tonight: BORIS ...DIAW

I have to celebrate the brilliance and the effort of the Phoenix Suns team tonight. The beat a Dallas team that is more talented and much bigger than them, although they were down 9 pts with 3min to play. One man especially scored 34 pts and the game winner: Boris Diaw. He is an old school player, often called a "poor man Magic Johnson" because of the way he passes the ball. He was an afterthought, a "bust" in Atlanta, given away as a token change with draft picks in a trade to Phoenix. After scoring the final basket, he did not even flinch, "cold as ice" :)as his teammates went bananas. The kicker: Boris is half-French, half Senegalese, speaks with respect like he is addressing elder, wiser folks. Let's just say he represented the continent quite well. He looks like a good choir boy but he will dissect you cold blooded on the court. He and his teammates ( Nash, Marion, Barbosa, Bell..) are reigniting the passion for pro basketball in the US. This postseason has been just plain unbelievable this year ( best ever in my opinion).

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  1. I see mister ..we are going to have interesting conversations on this topic (ok ok I admit I get a little help from the real fans at home ....)