I hope this film turns out as good as it sounds ....

and I am not talking about "Da Vinci Code". ( sidenote: apparently "Da Vinci" left a lot critics unimpressed and viewers a bit disappointed. I enjoyed it but I can see how the movie may not flow too well if you have not read the book. They probably tried to stick to close to the book. Still, it's doing well in the box-office and the success is justified. The historical references may be shaky but it IS a fiction, based on historical references but still a fiction. End of long sidenote).
The movie that I cannot wait to see and that I hope will come out as good as I imagine, is "Blueberry nights". There are several reasons to love this upcoming film: 1) it will be filmed mostly in the southern states in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Katrina will be discussed but I am not sure if it is a center feature of the movie yet. 2) The cast: Norah Jones,Natalie Portman, Rachel Weisz and Jude Law: I mean, need I say more ? ... put it this way: if you are a heterosexual male and you haven't lived under a rock for the past 10 years, you have to be at the very least....intrigued (when all is said and done, Jude Law could still be the prettiest of them all, and yes I do realize he is a guy). These 3 ladies (Jones,Weisz, Portman) are the only ones in Hollywood who can make you believe that they can master nanotechnology and be your best friend all at once( the angelic face routine does not hurt either). Anyway, as you can tell, I am psyched. Let's hope the movie does not bomb.
PS: The director Wong Kar Wai is the heir apparent to Ang lee.
PS2: Angelina Jolie and Audrey Tautou do not make the list because Jolie cannot pull the best friend routine and Tautou...well let's add her to the list.
PS3: Weisz in the constant gardener is stunning. Go watch it.


  1. Norah Jones is in the cast hmm I am intrigued...didn't know she's into acting. Haha very funny your comment about Jude Law (it's true: he is THE prettiest) Oh I haven't watched The Da Vinci Code yet and I think hmm maybe I am not gonna (because of the critics)...I wonder how much is Da Vinci Code's "piraty" DVD in mada ;-)

  2. I, too, am looking forward to see Norah Jones acting skills. I hope she will be singing a lot though :)

  3. Lova !!
    Maintenant je sais que j'ai le droit de parler de la nouvelle liaison entre Sienna Miller et James Franco sur mon blog sans voir des dizaines de sourcils se froncer sur la superficialité du sujet!
    Je viens juste (un an après) de regarder 2046 de Wong Kar Wai et définitevement j'irai voir ce film et pas en DVD (trop marre d'enrichir blockbuster et trpo de scrupules pour télécharger!)

  4. je croyais que Miller et Franco etaient kaput :). Le superficiel sera tjrs le bienvenu sur ce blog. On peut aimer le superficiel sans remords et aussi discuter serieusement par ailleurs :) je pense d'alleurs que l'un ne va pas sans l'autre....

  5. Laisse tomber Lova , c'était pour un film...Elle n'allait pas tuer mes espoirs encore celle-là (sachant que la première fois c'était avec Rachel et Brad...vous avez tous suivi je suis une célèbromane (néologisme joganyen) ...