We were blessed with a beautiful Sunday today. Perfect day to go cycling on a trail with friends and dogs. My friends were rollerblading, I was cycling and doggies were frolicking in the stream o the side of the trail. I was thinking that life wasn't too shabby in grand old Lafayette: green spaces, friendly folks, no real finance concerns....Then one of my friend fell flat on her butt trying to ... Hilarity ensues after making sure that no "derriere" were hurt too bad in the process. A few minutes later, another fall on the posterior, different person, and again, only feelings were hurt. I was having a good laugh pointing that out to my friends while driving back, windows wide open. That is when karma hit me square in the face. A bird , thinking I was having too much fun, dropped a little "caca" from up there that bounced on the side of the door, straight into my shirt's sleeves, and finally in my armpit, down to my chest. I was staring, horrified and what could only be some greenish birdcrap, hoping it was somehow, something (anything) else. Can you believe the sharpshooting ability of this bird ( hopefully flu-free) ? I was driving at about 35 mph (so definitely a moving target) and it squeezed a gigantic poop in the space between my arm and my shirt....I mean, this bird must be valedictorian of the sniper class at the avian academy. There is a thousand other things I can think of that are more pleasant that driving around with the feel of shit sliding slowly but surely down your chest. I think I am due for either winning the lottery, or an African nation will win the world cup. It could also be that it's just payback for making fun of my friends. You bet we are even now.
I was already a big believer in karma ( or "chawarma" as my mom calls it): how else can you make sure people will do the right thing if not for fear of unforeseen payback ? Bird, thank you for that lesson in humility.
Gael Monfils at the French open can only hope that karma will be served when he plays Djokovic tomorrow. Djokovic robbed him last year at the us open of a sure victory when he repeatedly called for medical assistance to break Monfils's momentum....Karma do your thing !
PS: maybe the week-end spent wine tasting the Indiana vineyards is the real reason for the bad karma. Hey at least, my friends and I finally got published ( not a scientific review but still...)


  1. moniquerakotomalalal9:05 AM

    Chawarma...tu sais qu'on eest 06/06/06/ aujourd'hui?
    pour les chretiens ca a un tout autre sens..pour nous les karana :c'est le karma...en totu cas c'est put etre l'oiseau de Mirou qui a decide de te dire tout ce qui vient du ciel est beni!!! c'est entre autre pour cette raison que tu as ete publie!
    qu'est ce que vous avez bu dans les wine yard? bisous

  2. There is justice in this world! lol! Just kidding. Hope you were able to clean the poo off yourself. Ewww, you stink! :) Jk again.

  3. well sorry about monfils, but karma did not work this time!

  4. monique: que du vin local, assez decevant: mais une curiosite, le vin de Larry Bird, French Lick vineyard, (seriously, that's the name) n'est pas mal du tout.
    cinthia: I did stink. I was afraid that Bird might have the flu and that would be really bad karma :( Got me paranoid for a while everytime I sneezed :(
    sipakv: yes, I threw my shoe at the tv watching him. I got to talk to him once in Tarbes, he seemed nice back then but now, I feel he needs to tone down the showboating a little.

  5. You're lucky by living nowadays... It should be a pterodactyle's "caca" !!! A huge one !!! Oh my...
    Just kidding ;-)