"a great moral calling of our time"

It is always a little ironic when politicians are lecturing about moral calling. However in this case, the irony has to be singled out because one administration is pointing fingers at another one in an "holier-than-thou"manner that is quite frankly laughable.

The setting: "The United States warned key ally Germany on Monday that it should do more to stop a tide of sex workers arriving for this month's soccer World Cup.."
"The U.S. government opposes prostitution," which is legal in Germany, a State Department report on global human trafficking said. "These activities are inherently harmful and dehumanizing.''
No quarrel here. Prostitution=bad. OK, even I understand that. ( The Oscar winning-song, "it's hard out here for a pimp" could prove to be more prophetic than ever.)
The punchline: "At a briefing, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice denounced "the sordid trade in human beings" and said the fight against trafficking is "a great moral calling of our time." "Together we will stop at nothing to end the debasement of our fellow men," she said." [source]

Now let's see what is, apparently, NOT a great moral calling of our time:
* Making sure not to invade other countries for no apparent reasons.
And "together we will stop at nothing to...":
* prevent as many human losses as possible during Hurricane seasons....unless they are poor and won't vote for us anyway.
"These activities are inherently harmful ...":
* you surely would not be talking about excessive CO2 emission harming the ozone layer or the lack of initiative in the Darfur region now, would you ?

The point is: it is a bad idea to play the "moral calling" card in the face of other nations when most of "moral" offenses have originated from your own office.

Rant over.


  1. A post whose time has come... good going lova.

  2. thanks Mos, I appreciate the support. I might have been a bit harsh but I really felt when I read that piece as if Barry Bonds was warning other athletes on the importance of being steroid-free. Or a better analogy, the Italian football league lecturing on football ethics :(...