Music legends of Indiana

Here is the usual knock on Indiana: there's nothing going on except for corn growing. I take exception to that, I have had quite a bit of fun in good ol'Lafayette :) Last week-end was the Tippecanoe food festival: good food (although a bit pricy), good jazz music (although from Chicago) and a nice long firework show with interesting background music. Good times all around. However it emphasizes how your surrounding can affect the way you perceive things. I explain: we were pretty close to the fireworks and in the final hoorah, the noise was very reminiscent of a machine gun during war time. Yet, it is summertime in Lafayette so everyone is carefree and have a big smile n their face. These kind of loud repeated explosions in a big city would have gotten me worried (as I was during the bicentennaire de la revolution in 1989). It was even more surreal because the background music during the show was honoring the music legends of Indiana so it was playing in no order: Jackson 5: I want you back, ABC. Blue melon: No rain ("All I can say is that my life is pretty plain.."), Mellecamp,and some jazz tunes I did not recognize. 1st) I did not that Indiana was so creative :) so much for stereotypes....2nd) so we had machine gun, Jackson 5 and fireworks happening all at once....very surreal atmosphere after a few beers, trust me. It reminded me of the weird atmosphere in "apocalypse now" when the Us choppers were dropping bombs to the music of "riding of the walkyries" of Wagner.
I planned on linking all those tunes here but I got lazy....maybe next time. For now, here is the video:

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