Warren Buffet / Joseph Kony: 2 opposite ends of the human spectrum.

So Warren Buffet gave about $ 37 billions of his personal fortune to charity ( gates foundation) leaving him with an estimated 10 billions ( still not too shabby). I know that there are probably some tax breaks involved and other financial implications involved but 37 BILLIONS is 37 BILLIONS....Some people talk about giving back, some try something and some donates 37 billions..I'd say that should make a difference at some point in time.
Then there is Joseph Kony.... I don't want to spend too much time talking about this fine example of the dirtiest scum of the earth but here is an article about Kony and the situation in Sudan (and Ranjit's depressing conclusion after reading it). That should describe the kind of living being ( I cannot call him a man) Joseph Kony is.
There really are all kind of people. There surely are plenty of anonymous heroes out there that are "most opposite" to Kony but I believe Buffet deserves to be mentioned here for making things happen. Let's see if Bill Gates can come through now in the fight against Malaria with this substantial boost.


  1. yeah i'd like to work on malaria, apparently kony is running around using the religion platform now