word association: WC edition.

Unity (Ghanean team celebrates together. Israeli flag held up as a sign of friendship).

Sadness ( for us to see brazil and its fans go, they will be back better than ever.)

Agony (Terry and Haergreves were warriors out there. One of the few times it is alright to weep openly. )

Pure bliss ( as Henry and Zizou connect beautifully to send France through. )

World class ( France, you get a Zizou once in a lifetime, enjoy him to the fullest while you can.)

Gut-wrenching ( cruel way to go out, but stand proud Becks, you gave it all !)

Classless ( Ronaldo winks at coach as he provoked Rooney's red card is the end of sportsmanship as we know it.)


  1. Go Zidane!! I'm so happy England is out.

  2. Anonymous6:40 PM

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