World cup of comedy :)

Madagascar does not have a shot at the world cup of football. So How about the world cup of comedy ? Here are the teams composed of the best 2 comedians for each country. Feel free to add or argue the selection of the players or the team playing.

India: Russell Peters/Dany Bhoy
Australia: George Wallace/Steve "crocodile hunter"Irwin.
England: John "Monty Python" Cleese/Hugh Grant
France: jean-Pierre Bacri/Jamel Debouzze
Madagascar: Gotlieb/torak'hehy
Germany: Helge Schneider/Til Schweiger
USA: Jon Stewart/George "the decider" Bush
Taiwan: Tai Chih-yuan/Ni Min Jan
Cote d'Ivoire: Michel Gohou/Wintin Wintin Pierre
Spain: pedro almodovar/Antonio Banderas.
Canada: Jim Carrey/ Mike Myers

I believe that we have a shot at the 1/4 finals here. However, The "decider" teamed with Jon Stewart is just too lethal of a combination.

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