Sports: mindnumbing or inspirational ?

So starting tonight, I will be submerged in 3 great events:

1) what could be the most entertaining NBA finals in the decade. The Pat Riley/Shaq/Wade powerhouse vs the Mark Cuban/Nowitzki/Howard triumvirate. First time in the Finals for both cities: we can only hope for the same at the World Cup.
2) The World Cup in Germany. To tell you how psyched I am about this, I am starting a World Cup prediction tournament worldwide and so far, Palermo, Addis-Ababa, Paris, Bangkok and of course Lafayette have dived in. So join on the fun ! Sadly, I do not expect a prediction from Tunis because my sister thinks: "le sport et surtout le foot rend con ! (sports and especially football makes you stupid)".More on that in a minute, anyway Germany/Costa Rica will get started what I hope will be a great celebration of peace and sportsmanship.
3) The French open is closing on a bang after a very pleasant 2 weeks. We are all hoping for a final for the ages between Federer and Nadal (knock on wood). Federer could (repeat knock on wood ) achieve the greatest feat in sport by winning 4 grand slams in a row on 4 different surfaces nonetheless. Nadal is on his way at barely 20, to destroy every winning records on clay court and he beat Federer 5 out of 6 times. This has the potential for a classic confrontation.
Now how am I supposed to be productive in the next few days ? Should I just tell my boss: I may look like I am here but my heart is singing in Munich, my hands are dribbling in Dallas and my feet are sliding on the Parisian clay :).
So score one for my sister, productivity will slightly go down. I strongly disagree that sports make you dumb though. You either are or not. Many good writers and thinkers have pondered and waxed poetic about the complexity and beauty of sports. And to dismiss sports as just a game is naive. The triumph of Jesse Owens in Olympic games caused Hitler to withdraw in disgust. Something England and France could not do at that time. Ali refusing to fight Vietnam started the end of that ill-conceived campaign. And you bet that the World Cup in South Africa would mean the world to the continent of Africa. So without guilt nor remorse, I will indulge in the best week-end of sports ever !!! ( knock on wood).
( Yes, that was my poor attempt at trying to rationalize my obsession with men running in shorts,...oh well....).

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