Can we talk about something else ?

As the world cup ended, I was hoping for one of those "Southwest Airlines get away" moment: "Ding, you are now free to .....resume a world cup-free life" :). Alas, "the headbutt heard around the world " is all the rage on the news and the blogosphere. Keep in mind that Zizou has not given his version of the event yet....Oh boy, we might be here for a while. Here's a collection of all the opinions about this incident that clearly is about more than football now:
SF, Helmut, BHL and much more later.
My opinion is simple: knowing the game was going to PK anyway and knowing what he allegedly said, I would have decked the guy in similar fashion for insulting not only me but my family and all people prejudiced on account of their look or faith. But that is just me :). It is more important to take a stand right there against bigotry with the largest audience in the world than biting your tongue forever in hope of shooting a PK that someone else can make anyway.
I am done discussing this topic because here is what people should get animated about:
200, 000 deaths in Darfur since 2003 (in French).
7 Bombs explode in Bombay: 160 casualties.
(Mos and GSL, I hope you have both heard from your family by now. This sucks beyond imaginable)
North Korea's missile threats or
even this.

I love the world cup fiesta and all but it's over now so let's move on now or at least discuss how we can improve it by stopping all the diving and faking that are taking over the game.


  1. They're all fine... just talked to them, thanks :)

  2. Mos: that's a huge relief. I am pretty amazed WRT how fast Mumbai seems to recover from the hateful crimes. Best way to defeat the terrorists IMO.