Quick fresh thoughts on World Cup final:

I want to write these few points about the final moments of the World Cup before I read too many points of view about this:
1) Italy-France was a thriller of a final, a fitting ending game to a great World Cup.
2)Frenchmen and women ought to stand proud today: The French team showed great heart and a beautiful style of football until the very end.
3)Zidane's head butt is a SAD event, an ATROCIOUS gesture and well-deserved red card. That said, I am waiting to see what exactly happened prior to that. If he was "fondled" as some video showed and was called an "Arab terrorist" as one report stated, I would NOT EXCUSE the gesture, but I would UNDERSTAND.
4)Zidane's artistic play is the best thing that has happened to football in the last 10 years. I regret his temper and display of violence, however I am going to work today with my ZIZOU jersey proudly on and I will welcome all the jeers and sarcastic comments. Why? a) The joy he provided us since 1998 is immense b) Until one has been called with a racial slur, one cannot speculate on how one would react. Again, I do not excuse but I sure understand.
Congratulations Italy ! Pirlo,Cannavaro and Buffon are world class player deserving of the ultimate trophy. I am afraid I cannot say the same about Materazzi.

I am a bit relieved the World Cup is over though. I am exhausted and I am looking forward to not be glued to the TV for a while :).


  1. It was the only match I watched, mainly because I didn't have the choice, entire french people wouldn't have missed it!
    And I was franckly happy when Italia has won, they've deserved it! :)
    Ok,here I go :)

  2. Tattum, I will give you this: Italy won fair and square :), bravo Italy, Zidane's actions would not change a thing in the final result. However, indepedent ofthe outcome, the materazzi incident is being apparently investigated: