Enough with the "list" posts ! this is the last one, I promise :)

As Jogany noticed, there are way too many " gimmicky lists" posts on this space (Gavroche, lyrics and so on) lately. This is why I decided to stop.... but not until one last flurry to start off the week-end :) (Maybe I am addicted to making lists. Hi, I am Lova and I am a list-oholic) . Today's list du jour is (what else) the top G.W Bush most embarassing moments. This had to be mentioned although talking about Bush's latest "exploits" is like predicting bad weather in London, it's mildly surprising at first and then the novelty wears off pretty quickly. Still there are now 22 such memorable moments for the "leader of the free world", yes, 22 ! There is no other job where you can be a fool 22 times at your workplace and keep you job, none. (unless you are Jim Carrey or Paris Hilton, then being a fool is part of your job description). This is my personal favorite:


  1. That wasn't really him was it? I thought it was a joke, some kind of graphic artistry? Have I been wrong all this time?

  2. sadly, the whole video available here
    proves it's real. I wish it weren't though. However, I believe he was not the president yet when the finger occured. So that's good, I guess...

  3. Hi lova,
    Another frustrating Saturday when Rain wants to be part of the plan...pffffff
    I know you are going to think that I'm a really bad compatriot because of what I'm going to explain here. I really don't know much gasy people here, by "much" I mean...less than 10. ok ok ok ...One day when I'll become a better human behing I would be proud to respond "ZO? Yes, I know this guy, he's really funny!". But Right now, I'm just like "euh"....and "so sorry"..."I'll do my best to meet more people"....

    And lists don't bother me at all, check I'm ALWAYS the first one on your coms! tsss


  4. hey Jogany,

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