how different are we ? (2nd part)

Miss St Martin,

Miss Japan

Quick "Miss Universe" update on the previous post: if we are going to discuss global differences, how can we not mention a competition where 1/2 the world was represented. This year, I had 2 evident rooting interests: St-Martin (allez le papou !)and Ethiopia (allez la mirou !). Sadly, Tunisia or Madagascar did not send anyone (FYI, Madagascar only send once, 1961, a representant.)
Quick thoughts from a show that has been losing relevance for a while now but seems to have picked up steam this year:
1. Porto Rico won, congrats to PR ! However, I think the judges missed out on a great potential Miss Universe in 2nd place Japan. She really was the star of the show as she was beautiful, sparky and actually had something relevant to say in 4 languages nonetheless. She wants to be a UN delegate, her French is effortless and she is a bit of an activist as she states that if she could change anything in history, she would erase all the gender inequalities that have plagued and still plague the world. Maybe a little too political for the judges, ...evidently scared the male judges away.... pity.
2. I wonder if miss Israel and miss Lebanon shared a room and bedtime stories.
3. Miss Ethiopia seemed preoccupied (with good reasons: Ethiopia invaded Somalia this week-end)
4. St Martin ( 37 sq mile island ) sends a rep twice in 5 years and Madagascar 1 in 54 years ? Didn't we start a highly publicized model agency 10 years ago ?


  1. Hi Gossip-mate!

    So what about the mail? Have you received mine? because I got no response since saturday...

    Of course I've cried all my tears out when Miss Japan didn't win!
    It was that robot, what? uh...Miss Porto-Rico, you say? no...it was real person?
    I must confess something : I shut the sound off everytime they were talking ... It's not that they talk that much but most of the time they don't really have something great to say and the show was a bit "extra bof" this year, their dresses...pfff ...ugly!.
    Miss Usa! OMG, what was that? she loves extreme sport, good for her then.

    But Miss Japan, maaaan, she speaks FRENCH!!SPANISH...and why didn't she say something in english? (ou bien j'ai éteint le son?!)
    Team Japan already !!

    biz Lova et alors ce plan? bah c'est qui Zo alors?

  2. hey you,

    Tu as raison, le son etait superflu pendant l'emission, surtout la musique qui etait vraiment decevante :) Je t'ai repondu le jour meme, je crois que mon mail s'est retrouve dans ta boite spam :). En gros, je te demandais si tu avais un plan pour le 26 aout ( marriage de mon cousin germain) ? Ca serait marrant d'y aller ensemble :) Allez chiche :) ?

  3. Hi Lova,

    je suis en train de rédiger un mail assez structuré et complet sur les séjours à mtl, tu le recevras incessemment sous peu, lol, je suis si studieuse je sais je sais!!


  4. merci Jogany,

    je viens de recevoir l'invitation: "Domaine Pine Acres dans les cantons de l'est", ca te dit quelque chose ? je sens que Montreal va me plaire. En plus, o vient de cambrioler ma voiture ici alors j'ai hate de prendre l'air :).

  5. OMG so sorry for you ! Now you must enjoy the "greenpeace" way of life, i mean, by taking the bus !
    Les Cantons de l'est ça tue à moooort, c'est un bled totalement (genre pire qu'Ambalavao et je soulignnne!!) Mais tu dois voir les petites fermes et les lacs. D'ailleurs on y bouge pour ce jeudi (pq le w-e, you get it). Un bon séjour qui se profile !

  6. euh, lova en fait le com anonyme ci dessus est de moi. :-)