Happy 230 B'day, America. (from U2 and Springsteen ).

As the US celebrates its Declaration of Independence form the UK, we join in with 4th of July songs from U2 and Springsteen. U2's is from the album unforgettable fire: referring to paintings from "Nagasaki and Hiroshima" survivors. I guess U2 was US centric at the time, celebrating Martin Luther King ("Pride, in the name of love) but also remembering one of the darkest hour of US history ( Nuclear bombing of civilians. )
Springsteen also sings the 4th of July but emphasizes the forgotten ones by the American Dream.
It gives a pretty accurate picture of the US: moments of absolute greatness (Declaration of independence, D-day...) mixed with times of darkness ( native American genocide, Iraq War...).
So happy B'day but remain aware of the work to do.

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