6 degrees of separation between George Clooney and Antananarivo

It's time for a non-sense, gossip-loaded post as the week-end approachs. This game consists of relating two entities that are seemingly non-related (here Clooney and Madagascar) in less than 6 conections. Here is an example taken from the man whose name is linked to the 6 degrees game: "Kevin Bacon":
* Shortest Path from JFK to Bacon (A)
1. John F. Kennedy was in Zapruder Film of Kennedy Assassination (1963) with Jean Hill
2. Jean Hill was in Beyond 'JFK': The Question of Conspiracy (1992) with Gary Oldman
3. Gary Oldman was in Murder in the First (1995) with Kevin Bacon.

Easy enough heh ? Usually the "steps" are made of other actors only but we can change the rules a bit, can't we ?
So anyone can link "Fabulous George" to Antananarivo in "6 steps or less" ?
Hint 1: the (bad) movie featuring this song ( which is perfect for a relaxing week-end with red wine ) and Clooney can get you started.
Hint 2: Revising the "cardinal sins" can help.

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PS: apologies for the quality of the "L'apputemento" audio file. I will try to do better next time :)
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  1. Hey Lova,

    Really I don't remember which (bad) movie it was because I don't really watch G.Clooney's movies...I mean ...I just spend my time staring at him and his lovely smile!!
    But I can link JoGanY in One STEP with B.Pitt:
    -JoGanY spent her teenage years with B.Pitt face all over her wall!!!

    Wow that was whort!

  2. >jogany, I hear you about Clooney :). You are on the right track, B. Pitt is the secon step and the movie is ocean 11. You are almost there :)

  3. Brad pitt in a bad movie?....please don't be so mean...
    Let me see then...
    Since Ocean 11 takes mostly place in VEGAS...
    Johnny VEGAS went to Tana 2 years ago...

    ok I'm outta here...

  4. > Jogany, ocean 11 was a good movie. 12 was terrible. but ocean 11 is the right 1st step ! Final answer was: pitt>Freeman>Ashley Judd>Tana (VH1 documentary) :) a bit "tire par les cheveux" but fun he ?