"love actually" passed the test....

I am feeling a bit lousy today, probably just a monday thing. Then today, I came across 2 unrelated posts, here (via madagascar ID) and here, that both mentioned "love actually".Which led me to the the best "pick-me-up" ever: "love actually"'s opening scene at Heathrow airport. (and to think that the same place was the target of terrorist acts again a week ago...) The second best scene is Hugh Grant using the "Beckham's right foot" analogy to stand up to the american prez.

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The truth is, I did watch that movie 3 or 4 times (6 or 7 times is probably closer to the truth) and I refuse to apologize for it. What can I say ? there is an awesome cast of actors, a sweet soundtrack and superb writing all around. Despite what people may think, I do not suffer from a case of major gonad shrinkage, the film has just reached classic status in my opinion because it passed the "rewatchability test" with flying colors. What other movies have passed the "rewatchability test" without being an academy awards winning film ? "Last of the mohicans", "Shawshank redemption", "the magnificent seven", "a few good men" and of course "Top Gun" ( if you are a male between 25-40 and you claim to have not watched "top gun" multiple times, you are in serious denial). What other "non-oscar" movie do you think can make the list ?


  1. i beat jogany to the comments... I consider that a new personal milestone. umm... pulp fiction? american desi... and sorry i have to bring in my favourite movie of all time Sholay (it's hindi) but we should watch it sometime. I can translate.

  2. >hey mosilager, thanks for inspiring my monday "pick-me up". I really felt better after watching the clip. I am with you on pulp fiction and american desi, although "pulp" won too many awards to be considered an underdog. I s sholay the story of the baller whose dad did not want him to play ? I caught part of that, I think...

  3. Indeed man,"love actually" is a graet film ... it it's one of my best british comedy actually... All my favorite British actors play on it: Hugh Grant, Colin Firth ,Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman and lovely Keira Knightley …
    I'm addict of Richard Curtis works BTW: Bridget Jones, Notting Hill, Mr Bean ... too much fun

    In rewatchable film without being an academy awards winning: Ghost, or armageddon ... It's not that great but , can be interresting if there is nice girl around ;)

  4. >harinjaka,

    I am glad that you spoke out on how great that movie is. It is a romantic comedy but as such it might be one of the best ones and is actually much more than just a romantic movie. I also don't think it diminishes our "manhood" ;) to appreciate it, isn't a bit of sensitivity what the ladies require of us ?
    Armageddon: yes, I watched it twice on tv. (end of the world appeal). Ghost: I have not rewatched it past the 1st 10 minutes.
    Thanks a lot for the info on blogger beta, I will check it out.

  5. no that was iqbal... sholay came out in the 70s, it's something like an indian western, and even now it's occasionally rerun in the theatres.

  6. Ouch, I've just left all my family at the airport. But it wasn't Heathrow, neither the arrivals... So sad, my holidays are over !
    Concerning the films, I would say:
    - le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain
    - le flic de Hong-Kong - it is a film with Jacky Chan, but I can't remember the original title
    - the Truman show with Jim Carrey
    - the Lion King (please don't laugh, it's not funny ;))

  7. >Vola, your family went back home ? must be sad at the moment for you. I certainly left off plenty of movies especially the french-speaking ones :(. "Amelie" should have won an oscar for best foreign (the competition was very weak that year and it is such a sweet film). Flic de Hong-Kong: Rush hour ?
    Lion King: watched it 7 times, I cannot laugh :).

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