"nipplegate": deja vu all over again

So apparently a woman nursing her baby is offensive and should be banned from our innocent naive eyes..... seriously ? I mean, come on ! Is there anything more beautiful or natural than a mother caring for her child ? How this is even an issue is beyond me. I think my mother must be pulling her hair off somewhere.

Of course, there is nothing happening in the world right now that we should be upset about (no wars, famine or unbearable heat) nothing, nada. No, a harmless chest with a baby on a magazine cover is really unacceptable and we should alert the committe of elders promptly.
And who cares if the outrage could shy women away from breastfeeding when it is actually beneficial for both the baby and the mother when possible ? I say collateral damage in comparison to the preservation of our precious innocence.
It is funny how this issue is never brought up back home though. Maybe because it really should not matter...?

On the other hand, maybe they are right; maybe something should be done because if we do not stop this now, who knows what will happen next ? Maybe some hollywood celebrity might go ahead and pose totally nude...while pregnant ! It's a slippery slope you know.
Oh, it's already been done ? I am outraged ! .......anyone knows a link for that picture by any chance ? you know, so I can get even more outraged...;)

PS: This was the perfect excuse to write "deja vu all over again" :) (cf Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction).


  1. OOooops Britney did it again !
    I see you coming....You prefer her in the Slave video...me too!!

  2. Oh the "slave" video....no comment ;)
    can't open your link Jo :(
    is it naughty ?

  3. bouhh you ..
    google "britney harper's bazaar pregnant"....
    and for the "slave" video...


  4. Britney: a serious case of how the mighty have fallen: check this video where she makes K-Fed look like a genius. I really hope she was drunk:

  5. Anonymous9:30 AM

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  6. I knoww......
    Really miss her....
    I want to be over it and move on, next week i'm goint to be at Mariah Carey's summer tour, I LOVE POP!!!

  7. i don't know i honestly think it can be a slippery slope.

  8. hey RC, loved your post on beauty and critics. Do You really think this magazine cover is somehow of bad taste ? We mostly see the baby's face ( adorable BTW). The "breast" is an afterthought at most. It is nowhere in the same category as the pathetic fiasco of the "wardrobe malfunction", right ?