For halloween, I will be Leon....

(via benci1900)
1) Because Luc Besson's "Leon" (or the professional in the US) is one of my favorite movie of all time.
2) Because protecting Natalie Portman ought to be every man's ultimate goal.
3) Because Portman's impersonations of Madonna, Charlie Chaplin and Gene Kelly are dead on in this movie (free Halloween custom hints ;) )
4) Because Sting's "shape of my heart" was my ringtone last year :) Yes, I am dork and I think Sting is still the best english import since the Beatles.
5) Because thanks to the hat, I can be Leon, the Edge and Ali G at the same time. I rule ! ;)
Happy Halloween everyone ! What will your custom be ?
PS: I am still debating between Leon, Borat or Janet Jackson (and her malfunctioning wardrobe )


  1. hey what happened to love, actually? ok ok leon is cooler than hugh grant... but definitely not as cool as wisconsin guy. make love, not war.

  2. :) that's a great idea, a red wig and a sign that says "Colin Fressel, on shag highway" should do :)

  3. If you dress up as Janet Jackson, be sure to post a pic of it on this blog. :)

  4. Will do :). However, I already have a ready excuse if no pics are posted: "camera malfunction" ;)