Nobel prize: long lost brothers edition

Andrew Fire and Craig Mello (seen in the picture above) received the Nobel prize in Medicine for their work on RNA interference, a tool widely used now for gene silencing (even yours truly got on the RNAi bandwagon). Apparently, it was not even a close contest. How can you compete ? They got the much needed "fire" to sustain their drive for success but they are also "mellow" enough to have the patience to stay the course...
(I apologize deeply for that very lame pun). More importantly, Mello is "bringing sexy back" into the field of Science. We are used to Nobel Prize winner in Science looking like either a "ZZ top" clone or Karpov on meth. Mello, he looks more like... let's see... Long dark hair, killer smile, open white shirt.... it rings a bell, doesn't it ?

That's right ! Mello is the Bernard-Henri Levy of Science ! (Except that Mello now has a Nobel Prize whereas Levy has... Arielle Dombasle.)
Anyway, here is to smart men with open white shirt ! Who said Research wasn't sexy ?
( I do not have a man crush on any of them lads....I realize it might have come off that way at 1st glance.)


  1. ok..I dont see the resemblance :P

  2. Amrita, I agree that it is a bit of a stretch but you have got to give me the long flowing hair and the patented open white shirt :) (what's with "intellectuals" and the open shirt anyway ?) For the record, I am not attracted to any of them (I realize it might have indcued some confusion there).

  3. Hey Lova

    First comment since...2 weeks now...ok...I've been busy, you know why and I must admit I don't read anymore passed the 10th line I know I'm the laziest on the web...
    ok....akward moment....
    Do you have some news from Justin? Cameron? Angelina? I miss them...


  4. Jogany,
    always cool to have you drop by this corner of the world.
    Justin is killing himself for picking to play Sir Justin in "Shrek 3" in lieu of the ay-ay in "Madagascar 2".
    Cameron, marketing the improved "something about Mary" hairgel :)
    Angelina, she plays Daniel Pearl's French wife ( wink wink at BHL's book who killed Daniel Pearl ?) That was less than 10 lines ;).
    Thank you for giving materials to riff on my pop envy :)

  5. Thanks for clearing the confusion :P

    Yeah they look kinda similar. And talking about white shorts..err...shirts...I'm reading "Surely you're joking Mr.Feynman" and sure enough...Feynman's on the cover with flowing hair and an open white shirt. hahahaha.

    I think it's the quintessential garb for geeks...just like the blue shirt and pinstripes for the Wall Street types. It's in their handbook ;)

  6. Anonymous3:30 PM

    BHL et Dombasle..pas mal le couple dans le dernier ou avant dernier Paris match..a la recherche du Nobel ou de le femme ou des deux?
    bon courage et bonne route mon teuteu..Mirou

  7. > Amrita,
    Mr Feynman: Priceless ! What are the odds ? Nobel Prize winner , long hair combed backwards and open white shirt :) BTW I am playing six degrees of separation with The EDGE lately: after the U2 concert, we are watching the Preservation Hall Band tomorrow (who played with the edge) and BB King in nov (who also played with the Edge) I think you should give me your shirt as Mrs. The Edge :p
    > Mirou,
    merci pour les mots d'encouragement, les soucis gastro-intestinaux sont presque revolus mais on reste sur un regime BRAT (banana, rice, apple sauce and toast ) ;)

  8. hahaha...guess who got invited to a film screening with The Edge and bono today...and cant go?...ME! @#%(@*&*#%*)^@#*)$ Seriously...

  9. brainy guy with chest hair (can't tell if he has any ?)= sexy.

  10. did you see this articoe in the nyt today, it sure beats our famadihana

  11. >Amrita, seriously ? I hope you have a very good reason not to go, like Bog dog Tigs is a bit under the weather or sthg, anything short of that is unforgivable :)... I want to move to the East Coast !
    > sipakv,
    "brainy guy with chest hair=sexy" :)
    wouldn't that include this guy ? I know you probably meant one of those guys ;)
    Chinese famadihana = unbelievable. "some parents worry that an unmarried dead son may be an unhappy one."
    Parental love is endless :). It is, in fact, a very sweet story in a strange way; a bit morbid but sweet :) Thank you for this great link.
    lova, (feverishly waiting...);)

  12. hah...more like...I am new at my current job and cant randomly take a day off! :( Plus i've met bono and edge a couple of times...so it's ok. :) Yeah...totally ...move to the east coast!! ;)

  13. I know what my wardrobe is going to be when I grow up and win the Nobel Prize (for peace, hopefully).

  14. >Mosi,
    Do not forget to thank the Ginga fatassino as your role model for peacekeeping and to share the the money with me because roomates share expenses and profit :).

  15. hey i never saw any green from your car crash windfall... but if we co write the grant that lets us and GingaBoo travel to every country in the world to plant a tree... we might be able to pull off the nobel peace prize as well.

  16. I like it, oneredpaperclip/kenyan tree planting deal. I suck at grant writing so all yours :) I will gladly give car crash money for nobel money :)