Ubuntu =humanity to others= fiahavanana

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I miss Bill Clinton. He is the only political figure who could declare "over the top" sentences and one would still think "hey, why not ? You go Billy Boy". For example, yesterday, he said to the labour Party in England:
"If we were the most beautiful, the most intelligent, the most wealthy, the most powerful person - and then found all of a sudden that we were alone on the planet, it wouldn't amount to a hill of beans [...] Society is important because of Ubuntu."
Ubuntu, you ask ? Zulu word for Humanity to others or in other words, a person is only a person through their relationship to others as the article pointed out. Not the linux Udungu that I know nothing of ( Mosi, you should check this link, there is something about Kerala and using Linux in it)
A better way to describe it might be the story shared this fellow Cunnigham at the end: "to me, it means sitting down in a Zulu hut in KwaZulu-Natal sharing scarce food and a brew and a few stories." (change the hut to a tent, add a fire and songs and you have a prototypical Malagasy firecamp settings.)
So when They said that Clinton was the 1st Black American President, they really meant African President of the US. In light of this new event, I propose that Clinton was not maybe not the 1st African President of the US, but definitely the 1st US President who was inspired by Malagasy wisdom (or common sense). Because Udungu is literally "fiahavanana" in Malagasy and that pretty much defines traditional Malagasy society.
But maybe Clinton has come back after all. His take down of the administration's failure to try to hunt down Bin Laden despite the warnings his gvt provided. It was the kind of speech the political scene needed to hear. As this fellow blogger pointed out, "black" Clinton has indeed returned, with a vengeance.


  1. Hi Lova,

    When I saw the "ubuntu" word , I thought that you have migrated to a linux system also as I have done it a couple of week ago. During the installation, I was amazed by seeing that Malagasy language was proposed among all the languages available.

  2. Salut Sandy,
    I wish I understood linux and switched but too complicated for me. A propos de la langue malgache, savais-tu que Harvard University propose l'apprentissage du malgache dans son curriculum ? Je me demande si le prof est malgache ..;)

  3. salut Lova,

    C'est un excellente nouvelle çà ! il doit y avoir une liste de compatriotes issus de cette fameuse université.
    Tiens, et si on mettait des sujets "simply full Malagasy" ;-)

  4. Sandy,
    Tu vas rire mais c'est justement cela que je cherchais quand je suis tombe sur cette classe. Helas ce genre de statistiques est assez difficile a trouver. :)Si qq y arrive, chapeau bas :). J'ai une question pour toi venant d'un novice: en 3 mots, quel est l'avantage majeur d'utiliser Linux au lieu de Windows ?

  5. LOL !

    Linux =>
    1.sécurité (car moins d'attaque),
    2.statibilité (ce n'est pas parce que tu surfes que le film que tu es en train de regarder ou la musique que tu écoutes est sacadé),
    3.intégrité (pas besoin de faire une défragmentation / formatage tous les 3-6 mois)

    cela fait 3 mots .............sans compter les parenthèses :-)

  6. Bring Clinton back I say!

    I seriously also thought that this post was about Ubuntu-Linux ;)

    A bientot

  7. Hello Amrita :)
    The sad truth is that for a while, I thought Linux was that luxury car brand :0 ! I am hoping that one day I could actually write about Ubuntu-linux, do not hold your breath though !
    Bono for president ;) !

  8. Oh yeah... Bono for president!! :-) That would be an ideal world where music would be the only religion.

  9. "You and me, me and you, lots and lots, for us to do" :) trano atsimo sy avaratra ka izay tsy mahalena hialofana ?
    pour te dire que j'ai lu ton article et celui de BBC teinté de la philosophie de Tutu sur l'Umbutu disant:"Mon humanité est intimement liée à ce qu'est la tienne" bref, "la théologie de l'ubuntu by Tutu quoi!" je ne te fais pas de dessin car toi et moi on sait que l'idée que la responsabilité morale de chacun découle du partage d'une même humanité donc du fihavanana :)

    OT: pas mal la petite culotte Umbutu :)

  10. >Amrita,
    You, me and Mosi know that a U2 concert is as close as we will ever get to a spiritual experience shared simultaneously with thousands of others. ;)
    "la responsabilité morale de chacun découle du partage d'une même humanité donc du fihavanana"
    Voila des mots d'une sagesse extreme. Avec ta permission, je vais classifier cette phrase dans la categorie "citations a memoriser et a vivre au quoitidien". J'avais grand espoir que toi aussi, tu remarques ce petit tresor d'humanite "Ubuntu"/Victoria Secret ;)

  11. Ilay izy4:45 PM

    Raha te hijery tuton'ny ubuntu dia aleo ihany mijery ny site officiel.

    S.R.I aza mbola tsy voafehy-tsika gasy koa.

    Very hery ny teknisiana eto ka.