In the interest of "fairness" for the holidays :)

I realized that the last post was loaded with references to the Christianity (Doh, Christ-mas). Since we woud like to keep things "fair and balanced" :D around here, here is to all those who don't celebrate christmas:
Special for Choxy who is leaving Lafayette for the region of the great lakes:
" When you feel like the only kid in town, without a Christmas tree,
Here is a list of people who are jewish, just like you and me...
Happy Channukah
Adam Sandler

Happy Kwanzaa too! :

"It was chosen to give a Black alternative to the existing holiday and give Blacks an opportunity to celebrate themselves and history, rather than simply imitate the practice of the dominant society."
( from wiki)

And a very funny "must-read" by Mos on Hindusim, its Gods and much more:
"16,000 wives during just one disguise. Yup, Vishnu does get around. Very flamboyant.
Anyway the population can go to one of these ministries to get their jobs done... and there are more of them every year... for instance now there is an actual temple that people pray in before going in for a US visa

And for all who do not believe in Christmas, Santa is one jolly fellow, he is an activist for animal rights (because Pranzer told him to be) and he is always game for apple cider and hot wine :) What's not to like ?


  1. interesting post.

  2. Nice of you to mention other alternative to Xmas. At work, we do have a Xmas tree, a Kwanza decor and a Hanukka layout (candles and stuff!). So it's very very in the holiday spirit kinda thing. The only funny part is that there is about 98% Japanese, 1% Malagasy and 1% Chinese in the entire building. And I asked my co-workers if they celebrate Xmas and they said NO but we did not know if you celebrate it or not so we put all symbols for you: I felt so special!

  3. Hello McMalgasy,
    "98% Japanese, 1% Malagasy and 1% Chinese in the entire building"
    If I did not know you were in the Information tech field, I would be shocked :D ! So konichiwa to you !
    what they did would also make me feel special :), very nice of them !

  4. Hey thanks for the linky!

  5. thank you for that awesome piece :):
    "cross-dressing Shiva", priceless !