6 degrees of Gladwell

I have been mentioning the works of Malcolm Gladwell quite a bit lately (here and here.) Beside my evident "man-crush" :D for him, he doeas have the uncanny ability of taking complicated concepts and explaining them in very clear terms for a novice like myself (without oversimplifying them). I am glad I convinced at least one (hi mate ! ) that he was worth reading. Not too long ago, we had a fun game about the 6 degrees of separation one may have with a well-known (or not ) personality.
Well, I am pumped up about my newly found connection with Mr Gladwell. Here goes:
1) Gladwell will be played by Leonardo Di Caprio in the upcoming movie "Blink"
2) Di Caprio ,who by the way is having a kick ass year with the Departed and Blood Diamond, used to date Gisele Bundchen.
3) Gisele (we are on 1st name basis now :D ) worked the cat walk with Tyra Banks on VS fashion show.
4) And here is the missing link:

The picture is crappy but any photo with Tyra on should get a pass ( I think the guys would agree). Plus this was 11 years ago :D.
I just realize I just used Tyra, Gisele and Leo to get to Malcolm....Maybe I need to step back a little bit here and reevaluate my priority :).
Long story short, get a copy of the "Tipping Point" or "Blink" if you have not ( I am not getting paid to say this).
One thing disturbs me about the upcoming movie "Blink" though: here is a picture of Mr. Gladwell:

the resemblance with Leo is not really striking (sorry Malcolm, we jest cause we care !). Anyone else with a secret "man(woman)crush" they'd like to share ? ;)

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