One Year old: Mazeltov !

I just realize it's been one full year of blogging (give or take a day or 2). Youptee-da-doo :) So as for every anniversaries and birthdays, it's assessment time ! Oh, you don't do that ? Me neither. So there won't be any statistics, any annual reports on traffic and definitely no Weblog awards. Unless there is a "most nonsensical, confusing, all-over-the-place Malagasy hippo blog" award section. Then I think I'd have earned at least a nomination..

how it started: Mosi was looking for some dog info on the web, did not find it and decided that the heck with it, the "Gingaboo" deserved their own blog anyway..... and since I made it a rule to never be outdone by the doggies....:) a rule that they have broken every single time I might add.

Why I kept on posting after that: someone once asked, "hey, aren't you someone's nephew ?" It felt just like when I go back to Tana. Just $1000 cheaper. I like cheap :) and the doggies kept at it relentlessly :D

Regrets? : You bet I have, about 3/4 of the posts here are absolute garbage. Which is fine with me until I realized that other people were reading....(peer pressure is a mean female canine, Yo)

Highlights: I got to scare strangers that I was going to visit them now we have been introduced. Actually sucessfully visited (and scared) one (Have a safe trip home, dear). Also got a virtual visit from a favorite author, and nope he never came back again :)

Hope: To write a post that would generate numerous death threats from insane people. Then, I would have achieved my purpose and go in peace. Also, I'd like to write less crappy posts and contribute to fight extreme poverty. ( Not necessarily in that particular order )

In 2007, this blog will be:.... probably deleted. I doubt this blog would give a good impression to my potential future employer. Since I was so smart to put my full name in here....:) I could always claim it is my oh so famous evil twin but it's along shot.

So thanks to the GB's and thank you for visiting, I may not always say it but your time and your finger clickings are always most appreciated. :)


  1. Happy B-day to Rakoto's rants!

    Are you someone's nephew? :)
    C'était un plaisir de tomber sur ton blog en tout cas.

    Ooh! Tu ne vas pas le supprimer, dis?Il reste unique en son genre dans la blaogasfera, et c'est bien ce qui fait l'intérêt des blogs à identité. If necessary, you'll just delete your pics; et je pourrai témoigner que je connais plusieurs Lovarakoto ;).
    Keep on!

  2. Tratry ny tsingeritaona e ! Izay safidinao amin'ny hoa o avy dia anao ihany, fa fantaro fa raha mbola manohy ianao dia mbola isan'ny mpamaky anao aho :) tsara be ny faniriana ho amin'ny ho avy. Misaotra

  3. Je suis toujours ému lors des discours d'anniversaire et ton post me touche ennormement - a force de vieillir on deviens de plus en plus sensible peut-être ? ou c'est par ce que tu nous dis que ce blog va fermer en 2007? je ne sais pas. En tout cas Happy bloday :) et je tiens à te remercier pour le temps que tu as consacré pour ce blog et pour le blogging. C'est toujours un plaisir de venir ici car on sait qu'on est toujours très bien accueilli et j'ai toujours aimer lire tes billets quelques soit le poste, car derrière ce blog il y a un auteur attachant un être humain et humaniste (je peut?).

    trêve de blabla bloguons jusqu'a ce qu'on ne peut plus bloguer. J'ai ramener des cadeaux je n'ai pas retrouver l'Avia ry mino mais j'ai des infos concernant ce jour d'anniverssaire : As of 12/18/2006 5:56:26 AM EST

    Your blog are 8,909 hours old.
    Your blog are 534,596 minutes old.
    Your blog are 32,075,786 seconds old. bon !

    Puis-que tu as un chien, the age of your blog is the equivalent of a dog that is 0.145205479452055 years old. (it's just a pup!)

    The Native American Zodiac sign of your blog is Owl :) (je ne savais pas que l'amirican zodiac existait jusque là, mais je sais que toi si, puis que t'es là bas)

    The date of birth on the Hebrew (Mazeltof) calendar is 11 Kislev 5766.
    Or if you were born after sundown then the date is 12 Kislev 5766. bon ben ok :D

    The Mayan Calendar long count date of the birthday of your blog is which is
    12 baktun 19 katun 12 tun 15 uinal 12 kin (?????)

    The Hijra (Islamic Calendar) date of it is Monday, 11 Dhi'l-Qa'dih 1426 (1426-11-11).

    Celebrities who share the birthday with our blog ?

    Rey Mysterio, Jr. (1974) le catcheur
    Jennifer Connelly (1970) la bombe attomique he he !
    Frank Sinatra (1915) le maitre :p

    Top songs of 2005 ?

    We Belong Together by Mariah Carey
    Let Me Love You by Mario
    1, 2 Step by Ciara/Missy Elliott
    Gold Digger by Kanye West
    Don't Cha by Busta Rhymes/Pussycat Dolls
    Behind These Hazel Eyes by Kelly Clarkson

    some more on
    Birthday Calculator

    joyeuse fête Rakoto ô :D

  4. et merde! je me suis tromper de date, je croyais qu'on étais le 12 décembre :D tu m'excuseras
    les Celebrités who share the birthday sont donc

    Christina Aguilera (1980)
    Katie Holmes (1978)
    Earl 'DMX' Simmons (1970)
    Brad Pitt (1963)
    Steven Spielberg (1946)

    raté :D

  5. Congratulations for the Birthday and thank your for your message on my blog! I hope I will be able to keep this one undisturbed :)

    Love and season greetings!

  6. Hey Lova, don't be mean and talk about deleting your blog on 2007... we all love your blog !!

    Take it easy and keep on posting both your crazy and serious posts, you're part of the gasy landscape now :D

    And... sincerely congrats ;)

  7. WOW, is this a nice way to start a Monday or what ? :D. I am always a bit unhappy on Monday morning but today it will be all smile, all day.
    > Tattum,
    Yep I am someone's nephew :) In fact, most people coming here look for my uncles or my aunts... :) Thanks for the kind words, it means a lot
    > Tomavana,
    Dia samy tratriny ho avy tsika e :D ! Fisoaranana be dia be marina.
    Ces mots font chaud au coeur...
    > hjk,
    Matey, you rule :) je ne sais pas si l'age sensibilise mais on apprecie mieux le temps qui passe :)
    Merci pour les cadeaux, Rakoto's rants te remercie du fond du coeur. Si le Rants ne ferme pas, il va falloir par contre "deleter" certaines photos, comme le suggere sagement Tattum, et aussi prendre un nom de code :D. Peut-etre quelque chose comme "DMXinatra" :D.
    > Audur,
    I sensed that you were a victim of some uncalled hacking when I could not find you anymore.
    Happy holidays to you and long live the "Garden Souvenir" :D

  8. Hello Lilia,
    Thank you much dear for your kind words.
    I surely am second-guessing myself about posting my real identity here but it also allowed me to find long lost relatives :D (Hi, Vola) so it 's not all lost. As you know online background check is standard protocol nowadays for job hiring process so I am a bit worried. Oh well.... we'll see I guess :)

  9. You're very welcome. I was sincere :P

    As for posting under your real name, I made the same mistake as you know. No way to go back now... anyway such is life and we gotta go ahead !!
    But this gives a feeling of trueness to life in this disguised world, doesn't it ??
    And for sure, a serious employer should soon first ask "what's your blog url?" while hiring.... isn'it a nightmare ??? :D

  10. >Lilia,
    the standard response for: "what is your url ?" at a job interview would be:
    or "zatsyteny.mg" if the 1st one is already taken :D

  11. Happy birthday Mister Lova, ;)

    Moi j'aime bien ton "absolute garbage", ton sens de l'auto- dérision, ton humour.
    Si tu n'avais pas mis la photo de Rainitovo, on serait passé à côté de LA vérité qui a changé la face du monde, vraiment ;)

    Big love, mister Lova (ah bon, c'est pas le prénom d'une fille :p )

    VOla, la fille qui assume ses propos névrosés et ses délires sous son vrai nom ! :) (enfin ... pas tout le temps, c'est pour ça que je bois, euh ...)

  12. Congratulations! As a birthday present for your blog you now are part owner of an xbox. Dead or alive : Beach volleyball here we come for the holidays.

    Well what employer won't like the ONE project? World peace goes well together with science. And Tony Karon showed up on the blog? wow.

    Do not delete the blog! finally you have a good template, let's keep it that way.

  13. > Coucou cousine,
    Importantissime, cette verite n'est ce pas ? :D Le blog comme "avis de recherche" + session de therapie :) Cela fait un petit pactole d'economie deja. Le blog comme solution aux depenses de securite sociale sera la premiere mesure du futur president.
    Mojito, Vola ?
    > Mosi,
    yep, all this is your fault :), and if I become X-box addicted, I will blame you too :D. I am more concern ed about the "L. Bush dancing on hips don't lie" post that the ONE/Bono worship. Yep, you found out who came by and also a certain designer from Cambodia...:) me love this blog thing... Both of them probably felt the writing was rubbish but as the kids say, "I made you look"...

  14. Happy Anniversary Rakoto's rants!
    Actually it depends on WHERE you will apply for a job? If you decide to stay in the U.S., I don't think that your blog is a big deal: one has to have a personal life, right? And I do believe that if you were BRAVE enough to put your name with your "wonderful thoughts", you should push it and keep the garbage that we love, keep up the great work, man and Happy Anniversary!

  15. Happy Birthday to Rakoto's Rants :-) A joyful place to be.

    Now now Lova....you better not stop blogging. consider this your first 'threat to life' :P

    Cheers mate! :)

  16. Thank you Mcmalagasy,
    You are right, it probably would not matter too much. It's not like I am going to work for the NSA :)
    Although I would have loved to have a chance to pull the Why should I work for the NSA speech in good will hunting at a job interview :D
    @ hey Amrita,
    Yes, I knew you would come through and send me the 1st death threat ! :) I does not count though because I know for a fact that you are not insane (unless the EDGE comes around :p ) Cheers !

  17. Anonymous2:43 PM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  18. Oooops, I had to remove a not-so-kind- comment. :D
    I would have left it if it were signed and provided a bit of explanation with respect to the anger ;)

  19. Tsss
    this is lame
    I wrote the longest comment of the year just to see it disappearing...
    By the way what's with this "I don't want to blog anymore"? Don't tell me you're becoming this really unintersting boring grown up big man? beuuuurk I would hate you forever for that!!!
    demain est un autre jour, ton blog est né le même jour que BP et les étoiles et Hjk ont raison : il y a quelque chose de positive dans cette espace. Je détèste le Feng Shui parce que j'y comprends que dal mais lorsque je viens squatter mes soirées chez toi (ben oui en Indiana) je me sens super à l'aise alors stop ne viens pas me dire que tu vas fermer boutique et encore pire arrêter de nous servir des alcools interdites et quelques taffs de je ne sais quoi qui fait tourner la tête...
    Héhé, now you are allowed to be afraid of your boss (if he can read french!)!!

    So pal if don't want to listen to those 18 people who really care about your blog(and maybe somewhere about you) please listen to the nautghy JoGanY!

    I won't come back 'til 2007 so be wise (maybe you can give this place a break for the holidays) but don't leave us and I'm Serious!!!


  20. > Hiya there Jo, :)
    So cool to see you posting before the big trip back home :) I think I may have misled you. I do want to keep blogging, it's fun and I get to interact with plenty of different people. I was a tad worried about the need to start "clean" with the new "boss" as I am still in the feeling-out period. As many have pointed out, there is most certainly nothing to worry about. But enough about me,
    Aren't you supposed to be on plane towards Felston paradise by now ? :) BTW, Feng Shui is your friend, they stole the idea from the Malagasy after all :D ;)

  21. Boversera blogin'i Lova ;-) Maybe I know where you come from because I too was just about to leave lol maybe because of the new "ish-ish" (hint facebook lol) but please don't leave just like that, we will soo dearly miss you and you know you will miss blogging too!

  22. Hello there Mirana, :)
    It's been way way too long !!! So good to see you back in the "non-facebook" world :) You don't have to choose and have it all, GF! :) Running to your place ASAP to welcome you back right on time for the holidays :)