Hidden musical treasures for your Xmas....

Happy holidays to all. As much as I would like to (yeah right ;) ), I cannot send a present to all of you. So here are three songs that I enjoyed quite a bit ( :) ) and that you may haven't heard of, (because they were not released in any albums):

"Fields of Gold, Luth" Sting.

The tv show " Studio 60" Sting played on is also one of the hidden gem of US television. Another beautiful song from that show is "O Holy Night" by the displaced Jazzmen of New-Orleans (because of Hurricane Katrina ):

"How can I tell you" M. Marshall (written by Cat Stevens)
The fact that this song is used for such commercial purposes is rather sad. If you can look past the mercantile aspect, the singer's voice is just as remarkable as the addition of the luth in "fields of gold".
Merry Christmas !


  1. Emouvant :) if I have an heart attack on this Xsmas time it's will be U're fault :p

    Grand moment dans ces films, mes aussi et surtout un grand moment sur ton blog ... ça me fait rêver :) ny foko efa tsy mahatanty intsony ... May I call it "Perfect LOVE"?

    Merci pour ces trésors :)
    Je souhaite un joyeux Noël à toi et à tous ceux qui te sont chère :)

    Merry Xsmas Mate

  2. Merry Xmas Hjk !

    Here is wishing no heart attack :) but plenty of fihavanana :)

    Cheers !