Indiana winterstorm

Snapshot of life in Indiana during a snowstorm.

temperature: 06F (-14 C)
snow=12 inches (30 cm) deep and the school is closed.
Hey, at least the doggies are happy...:). One eventually gets used to knee-deep snow and occasional car drifting ("derapage controle").

music: "Life in disguise" by The Slip (heard on Grey's Anatomy episode when George's dad passed away)
video and photos via Mosi (thank you)


  1. Waow! Take care then!
    Passage éclair pour te dire que si le roundup pour GV t'intéresse, ce sera avec plaisir de te lire et avec ton sens de l'analyse. L'idée est excellente mais en plus de MM (le temps que ce soit ok), ça fait beaucoup pour moi.
    (Bon j'espère ne pas faire de jaloux avec Aiky, Many et Marc, but no wonder they will understand why ;) )

  2. Hey Lova, je descend de la montagne en un passage éclair. La haut [1650m] on sort de 36 h ininterompue de neige 40 cm d'un coup :D J'y retourne dès ce soir pour le reste de la semaine car la poudre m'appelle ;) faut pas la faire attendre sinon elle durcit. Take care !

  3. Et à PAris, il fait 12° et il pleut :-(

  4. >Tattum,
    Je comprends que ca fasse beaucoup avec MM. Je le ferais volontiers mais si Aiky, Hjk, Many ou Marc sont tentes, ils sont mes "zoky" sur le web :).
    > Tomavana,
    Quelle chance :) ! Merci d'etre passee entre 2 pistes.
    > Vola,
    :( aie, grisaille parisienne. Soiree dvd en perspective.

  5. nice video :) manaova mafana dia misotroa ravim-bôfotsy :)

  6. Somary tapaka ilay video aminy farany :(. Misotra fa ravim-bofotsy mafana mihitsy izao no tena ilaina :).

  7. Lova that is false advertising. I saw your video and pics in there too! And you put the whole thing together so I take no credit for this.

  8. no you didn't....how come...well he's in Indiana...not Canadianland...Guess who's freakin' out when it's snowing like hell and she HAS to go working AND schooling (on the same day without sleeping, yes I'm f** up also....really exhausted....)
    Hate it hate it hate it...and don't even try to bring the "well you know snow is white" crap...I don't buy this stuff anymore...So why is this chick alwayz whining? Why doesn't she leave?....guess I'm trying to ... like trying soo hard it's frustrating....

    A plus sous de plus chaleureuses latitudes...remarque quand t'as vu ça tu peux dire que tu auras TOUT vu....hell quoi...

  9. >Mosi :),
    I wish I had a camera today. The Gingster had snow all the way up his nose and loving it :). BTW, my RSS comments feed is totally off, any ideas how to fix this ?
    > Hello there Jo,
    Ouch, rough stuff :(. Unfortunately, I think the frigid temp will stay for a while. Let's take it on day at a time...

  10. it was in my room on the bedside table :)

    my comment feed has also defaulted to some old comments. don't know what to do about it.