As of today, my life as a student is officially over. My life as I know it always involved some kind of exam at the end, so I am not quite sure what to do now :).
No more procrastinating for a project until the last minute, or pulling an all-nighter at the library... My dad said I will soon miss going to school. I am not so sure about that but I am not ruling out taking pottery classes or singing lessons in 2 years...you know, to reenact the whole "Demi Moore in Ghost" experience...OK, let's just pretend I never wrote that last sentence.
I am looking forward to not feel nauseated anymore while looking at my checking account at the end of the month. However, after discussing with my colleagues in the field, it seems that this feeling might last a bit longer than I thought. Oh well, there is always the lottery.
Someone said:"there is no money in fundemental research". Hey, how come no one told me that back then ? They DID tell you, you choose to not listen. You know, next time, just drill that sentence into my head, and for good measure, hammer it in a few more times. If you are a grad student reading this, I am just kidding...I think.
Hey, at least the CV will now have an additional line. Hooray then.
Speaking of CV, and thanks to GlobalVoices lingua in chinese, I can now add: " working knowledge of Mandarin Chinese." to my professional skills :D. not convinced ? Check it out:
"最近一则新闻标题引起环保人士及马达加斯加部落客广泛讨论。泛非洲采矿公司(The Pan African Mining corporation)在马达加斯加南部开挖新矿场,许多环境保护团体认为,此举将对当地居民及区域生态系统造成严重伤害。

Ha, ain't that cool as heck or what ? Just don't ask me any details, Leonard was just kind enough to translate the post. (H/T to Hjk).

If you are wondering what I am up to now, it's a project called "cytometry for life" and here is a link. Yes, that's the second shameless plug in a row, for those of you keeping count. My plan to day is to break the record of "consecutive shameless plugs in one post" so here are a few others:
my sister's graduation ceremony from ChicagoGSB.
and more photos from those MBA graduates having a smashing good time at Fields Museum, Chicago.

As my sister put it, they are celebrating because now they can hire all those underpaid PhD's, overwork them to death and cut them out whenever the mood feels right. Perfect; now if you would excuse me, I will go remove that steak knife from my left eye.
I may sound bitter but it's really all in good fun. I am blogging again and that my friend, feels pretty good. Plus, I shattered the record for "linking-to-self" in the process, so "who's the one with-the-big-inflated-ego" now ?


  1. :D Congrats Lova :D

  2. >Thanks, Tomavana and Mosi :).
    No more student discount though :( :)

  3. Alors, ça y est ? On est un grrrrand garçon maintenant ? :)

    Ich gratuliere dir !

    (est-ce que je peux encore te tutoyer?)

  4. Congratulations Lova :)
    Here's to many more plus signs in your checking account.... ;) Cheers!

  5. >Vola,
    hehe, mais j'apprecie tjrs a sa juste valeur une blague caca-pipi :)
    > Amrita,
    yay, I have a stop over in London on my way back the 19th of April, are you still going to be there ?

  6. hi Lova (un petit coucou en passant) :) toutes mes félicitations et bravo pour le choix de ton next step! bon courage pour la suite :)

    à bientôt!

  7. thanks Hjk,
    the next step is thrilling mais une connection internet correct me manque :).

  8. Better late than never. Congratulations and kudos to you!
    There you're gonna miss student life ;)

    Je rejoins Vola, on peut toujours te tutoyer? :)))
    En te souhaitant une belle carrière, mais je n'en doute pas un instant.!

  9. Ca depend du tutoiement :D:
    car moi je suis plutot:
    "Salueuuu, T.V.A bien euuuuu ? :D"