My last stay in the southern hemisphere was 7 years ago, for new year 2000. So you bet I was positively giddy to look outside the window at the immense spaces as we were landing. The flight (3h to DC then 17h to Jo'burg) was not bad at all. I cannot sleep in a plane so I watched "Stranger than Fiction" (brilliant), "The Prestige" and a movie I forgot wich features Miss Rai...things were looking good already.
Quick observations before I leave for Durban for the 1st meeting ( the presentation is still in shambles):
1) Splendid weather: with my black jacket and turtleneck sweater, I looked like a complete fool.
2) Getting a cell phone is much easier here than in Indy. Everyone has at a cell phone. Now internet connection at the hotel is dragging but OK.
3) Plenty of posters and ads about HIV/AIDS awareness. The project should be welcomed here.
4) Plenty of awesome "real" football on tv. Tv will have to be turned off if I want to finish this presentation.

Hopefully more pics from Durban soon where we may meet the royal family of Kwazulu Natal. I am psyched as heck (you don't see it but I am doing the J. Clegg dance in my room right now).

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  1. Manan-talenta mihintsy anie izany Zoulou gasy izany e ;)

  2. Saika naratra mihitsy fa nedaladala lotra :).

  3. Sure, rub it in. With any luck I'll be at home soon too!

  4. >Mosi, :)
    I got you something from here as cricket is ubiquitous here ;)