One tiny wish on my Birthday.

I have nothing but one small wish for my birthday. It came from reading Tomavana's must-read post today. She posted a moving rendition of "Nkosisikilel'i Africa" by Lady Smith Black Mambazo and Paul Simon.

Absolute magic.

So if you please and if you have the time, listen to this ode to Africa and hum it along at work, at home, wherever you are. I will hear you whisper it and if it starts raining, you'll know I started humming along with you :D.

PS: (Thanks to my uncle Gozy for sending the mp3 file and happy b'day to you too !)

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  1. Happy Birthday!

    Wish you all the best!

    Heri Rakotomalala - from Montreal

  2. Petit passage vite fait pour te souhaiter un joyeux anniversaire plein de très bonnes choses !!

    Je reviens un peu plus tard pour écouter :)

  3. >Thank you (namesake) Heri, :)
    >Merci Nivo,
    le volume au maximum est encore la meilleure maniere de savourer :).

  4. Wow it's your birthday!!!! :-)
    Happy birthday to you!!
    Joyeux Anniversaire!
    Feliz Cumpleanos!
    Janamdin mubaarak!

    ...and to your uncle too :)

    Beautiful song...!! Btw, Did I ever tell you that I always feel like adding an extra 'la' to your last name :D

  5. Ne baisse pas ta garde [le poing toujours levé] je te renouvelle mes meilleurs voeux, puisse la Paix qui surpasse toute chose, être sur toi et les tiens :D
    Merci pour l'amitié de ton beau post

  6. rakotomalala-la? why not rakotomalala-li?

    Happy birthday!!!

  7. > Thank you Amrita, rakotoma-la-la-la ? :D I think I know that song: rakotoma la-la-la, now that I 've lost everything to you....oh baby, baby it's a wild world ! :D I kind of like it.
    > Tomavana, today, I owed to you a feeling of peace and harmony, I cannot thank you enough for that.
    > Mosi, lali, lalu ? A new G-B language is on the way :D. Can I learn the chords to Nkosi ?

  8. Happy Bday to you Lova! Tout plein de bonnes choses pour toi pour cette nouvelle année.

    Très beau morceau de LBM, qui vaut plein de cadeaux utiles en effet. :)

  9. Hapi BDay pal '
    Wish the best for your 20th (héhé)!
    of course I didn't watch the video...but will catch up as soon as I can...

  10. >Merci Tattum et Joan,
    I wish it was my 20th :D, I am old enough now to know that we are still waiting for a suitable successor to LBM :).

  11. Happy birthday Lova!!
    I'd say get drunk, but you're way past 21... perhaps it's time to pop in the viagra? :-D

  12. Ouch video :D,
    The sad truth is, I am already getting a discount on the "blue wonder" thanks to the frequent use....and that's just for my weak heart ;)

  13. sure no problem - that should be fun.

  14. Weak heart?? For real or was that a joke i didn't get? Hope it's ok...

  15. just kidding video :) A very confusing joke, prescribing viagra to help the heart is not really commnon practice :)

  16. Well that's how viagra first started out! to helpimprove the blood circulation in premature born babies... but it turns out it did something else as well... :-) oh well... serendipity is sweet!

  17. Belated happy birthday! I hope it was a good one!

  18. >Video,
    Sweet indeed :). Viagra: Promoting "life" in every which way possible :D. I always thought the best science was done by accident.

    > Thanks Anali,
    rib-eye steak and raspberry mousse cake and good times :) what more could one ask for ?

  19. happy birthday lova. a little belatedly. love that song it still gives me goosebumps everytime I listen to it. great choice.

  20. Thank you Sipakv. Very few songs can still do that, this one is certainly one of them.