Reasons to celebrate Bastille Day:

Because impaling heads of the members of the king's court on a stick is not fashionable anymore, let's find more reasons to sing "Ah ca ira, ca ira.." on Bastille day:

1) Despite the criticism of France's political agenda towards Africa and African immigrants, France very quietly still donates the 2nd largest contribution (by far) to the Global Fund. 15% of the 1.786 billion donated in 2006 was from France and that's not counting its contribution through the European Commission. 55% of Global Fund donations goes to Africa, 60% to HIV/AIDS relief effort. As you can see on the chart below, japan is a distant 3rd.

With B. Kouchner, co-founder of "Medecins sans frontieres", at the ministry of foreign affairs, DSK probably as the director of IMF and Michel Kazatchkine as the director of the Global Fund, France is definitely present at the international development front, in a rather quiet but effective manner.

2) Benabar: "le diner": priceless !

3) Claude Francois dancing the twist: I still cannot believe those were his real legs moving like they were independent from his body :). You gotta love the 60's dancing trends..Truth is, I just wanted to write: " Les filles tu sais méfies-toi C'est pas ce que tu crois..."

4) Zidane's headers (no exception) 'nuff said....
5) Ines Sastre: 'nuff said (again) but just in case you forgot:

6) RESF: still fighting for the rights of every children (from all origins) even when it's in the back pages of the news.
7) Fabrice "the magician" Santoro: the dictionary should have a picture of him as a definition for "French Flair".
8) "coup de pied en coin" for corner kick: just kidding.
9) In random order: Gasquet's backhand, Leo, Mc Solar's "Caroline", Ratatouille (the movie), Les visiteurs....
10) Oh yes, almost forgot: That little thing called the "Declaration of Human Rights" (and "Le siecle des lumieres").


  1. I would highlight the Midi's art of table (and life), "tapennade", kitchen with the olive's oil, bread, cheese and good wine ;) beside Mc Solaar I would also mention the young Abd El Malik and Michel Petrucciani.

  2. ines is spaniard and i have a big girl crish on her so ...back offfff


  3. @To:
    I was going through the archives of Harinjaka to find the name of that bright young artist and you came up with the goods: Abd El Malik ! :)
    I'll make you a deal: you can have the Spaniard Ines and I will take the adopted French Ines ;). In exchange, I will let you have French Boris Diaw and I will take his Senegalese part.

  4. tssss :) tsy nisy archive intsony tao :)
    cet année il y a eu une toute petite raison de fêter le 14 Juillet car Delanoe a organiser l'African Bastille Day sur Paris à la place des flonflons et les accordéons

    pour DSK et le FMI y a RA8 qui est faché contre le FMI en ce moment, ce sera le suspens de l'été :D

  5. > y a RA8 qui est faché contre le FMI en ce moment, ce sera le suspens de l'été

    Hjk désolé pour tes archives, sinon RA8 tempère ses propos sur ses relations avec le FMI >>

  6. Ca fera de Ra8 un de plus sur la liste des leaders politiques qui ont essaye de rompre avec le FMI pour revenir sur leurs propos (Argentine, Bresil et Gabon...) le FMI, c'est comme la "star Ac", on jure que l'on ne nous reprendra plus mais on revient pour la finale :).