In dire need of an outlet: Abbey road and Seinfeld to the rescue

This place severely needs a bit of dusting up. Spiderwebs are everywhere, cold pizza and unfinished posts laying around, total lack of vacuuming /or inspiration....quite a depressing sight actually.
Maybe what it needs is a little kick to jump start the whole "inspiration" thing. Truth is, I have been wishing that there were 30 hours in a day the past few days but apparently, that was too much hustle for the administration, bunch of slackers that they are ;).
I am not too fond of people complaining that they have been too busy, as if other people are just sitting around drinking cosmopolitan. However, this time I have proof, officer.
I have actually been cited twice in the news (Swaziland and Ethiopia. ) As I-mei pointed out, I am pretty close to righteously earning the title of "Paris Hilton of the Life Science Department at Purdue U."( I am not quite sure if that is a good thing...).
As usual, when I have a copious list of things to do, the first thing I do is....find something totally useless to get my mind of my "to-do" list. Of course ( Oh I know you know the feeling...).
So I have been looking for the perfect outlet before pulling an all-nighter: A "sing-along" song and a classic Jerry Seinfeld performance.
And look at what the cat brought in:
The Killers, live at Abbey Road singing a Dire Straits classic. Do I really need to say more ?
This two performances, "Romeo and Juliet" and "when you were young", are the reason why The Killers are one of the last relevant bands in the music industry. That, and Brandon Flowers (the lead singer) inexplicably wearing a mustache that belongs to a 70's porn star.
"Romeo and Juliet"

"When you were young"

My favorite sing along part ? "He doesn't look a thing like Jesus,
But he talks like a gentleman, Like you imagined when you were young" ( catchy, no?)

Onto the second useless item of the day:
Jerry Seinfeld's hilarious take on McDonalds ad campaign: "1 billion served"

If you are work and cannot listen to the piece, here is the script:
And why is McDonald's still counting?
How insecure is this company?
40 gillion, 80 million, zillion, billion, killion, tillion...
What is this?
Does it mean anything to anyone?
89 billion sold.
"Ok. I'll have one."
I would love to meet the chairman of the board of McDonald's...
Just to say to him: "Look, we all get it."
"You have sold a lot of hamburgers."
"Whatever the hell the number is."
"Just put up a sign: 'McDonald's, we're doing very well!'"
"I don't need to hear about every goddamn one of them."
What is their ultimate goal? To have cows just surrendering voluntarily?
Showing up at the door: "We'd like to turn ourselves in."
"We see the sign... we realize we have very little chance out there."
"We'd like to be a 'Happy Meal' if that's at all possible."

The "happy meal" line is pure gold. Boy, did I really need a good laugh. I miss Seinfeld.
OK, I think I am ready to do some more "number crutching" now.


  1. hey, je me reconnais dans le
    As usual, when I have a copious list of things to do, the first thing I do is....find something totally useless to get my mind of my "to-do" list :)

    bravo pour tes articles et surtout well done pour le boulot qu'il y a eu derrière ,je suis content pour toi :D je les ai mis dans mon del.icio.us ;)

  2. merci hjk,
    je croise les doigts pour que la conference mondial sur le sida a sydney genere encore plus d'interactions.
    don't laugh but i still cannot figure out how to bookmark with deli.co.us :(

    and won't even start w/ Dire Strait ... o yes i will .....AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH LOVA I LOVE DIRE STRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIT
    .....ok enough w/ the insanity already....
    IMPOSSIBLE, it's 7 am I haven't slept yet, my "to-do list" (looking for stories for blogathon included) is too long I can't even get to the end of my paper sheet...My cousin had a very funny line about it on msn but I was soooo tired I didn't get to the point I had to LMAO....so he got mad at me and went to the beach (actually he's in Tamatave...hate people who lives in tropical countries....hate myself for choosing Canadianland....)

    Oh...I have finished one of my task (guess which one!) ...


  4. @ the Logo part ;),

    (Ok, I cheated)
    Some people get mad and go to the beach, other get mad and are stuck in nowheresland....life is so cruel

  5. je suis venu t'inviter de à sortir du dessous de la table du web. Il y a un mec qui s'appelle Colin Stewart (actuellement sur mon blog) qui a laissé un message pour toi ... je crois que tes travaux sur le HIV test for poor nations intéresse Beckman Coulter :D je te laisse nous expliquer tout ça :D

    lasa zao ramse a ! t'es sur del.icio.us :D

  6. Ps je vais rajouté plus de Tag :p

  7. oups , j'ai onblierle lien :p

  8. WOW Hjk !!!

    This is massive news. Tena mety o lasa resaka gravy ity tatara ity :D.
    Izalahy ireo no tsia dia faly lotra aminy ilay projet kely. Aleho alefa mail ny tatara manaraka. :p

  9. Zany ve? fa ahoana fa ahoana? alafaso mail mihintsy fa tsindridaona aho amin'izany resaka izany. matahotra aho sao de niteniteny foana :(

  10. OT DU ZOMA
    Lova je décrète que tu t'appelleras Mr Brightside (go figure ok well i went and figured it out!)

  11. @Jogany,

    best nickname I ever got :p, love it.
    (previous ones were lava, nakara, momosa...)
    Just a hew hours away from blogathon @purplecorner.com

  12. Lova!!! This was the perfect post to read before pulling my all-nighter. ;)

    I loooved R & J by The Killers....
    I love them anyway...
    And Seinfeld was too good.

    Oh...and belated congrats on being cited yet again :-) Kudos to thee...

  13. @Amrita,
    Songs to listen to while pulling an all-nighter: you need to write that list :). Anything white stripes would do. :)