On the other side (part 2): the Global Voices Online network

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I am still trying to get back to a regular sleep pattern ( I travel worst and worst with age) and coming down with a nasty cold is not helping. Still, it was fun to reflect on the week that was. Paris was not all just bogeying and sharing drinks with bloggers.
Thanks to the extensive network at Global Voices Online, I had the chance to exchange a few thoughts on citizen journalism and IT with a few people who knows quite a bit about the matter.
Claire Ulrich of GVO en Francais and techbee kindly invited me to a share a bit of foie gras and Sauternes at home. That would have made my day but she also enlightened me about her perspective on blog-generated news and how it will shape the world of information in general. Food for thoughts and taste buds in ebullition: now I know why they made a movie called Paris je t'aime.

Translating David Sasaki's Guide to citizen media for Rising Voices also led me to the folks at RSF (Reporters withtout Borders).

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Seeing their locals was a thrill and also help me understood that the concept of citizen journalism is not embraced by everyone in France. There are basically two schools of thoughts: the one who sees the advantages of digital media being posted by regular folks when journalists are not on sites and the ones who are skeptical of such initiatives because fact checking will always have to be an issue when people are not trained as journalists. The folks at RSF have a great grasp on the issue and I believe, are a crucial bridge between the two groups.

The role of NTICs in citizen journalism was also discussed around a beer on tap in a pub of the 15eme with Jaona, president of Madagascar-NTIC.
John has loads of ideas on how digital media can be improved in Madagascar and be a concrete help in the field. It was a delight and an education to converse with him and Sandy about that and more.

All that is well but it has to lead to something tangible right ?
Well, may I recommend the latest project that came from bloggers far apart getting together to create something very cool: here is the Vagina Monologues translated in Malagasy.
The RV network also linked Foko with the Youth Climate Movement and led to the first post about Deforestation in Madagascar on their website.
"Renown mining companies such as Rio Tinto, Kumba or Implats have invested in mineral sand projects on sites that not only could interfere with endangered ecosystems but also directly affect the way of life of the local populations"

I guess the point of this overstretched diatribe is, there is so much one can learn from just hanging around folks who are willing to help or share.
Harinjaka experienced it in Arusha and I am hoping for the same in a couple of weeks at the We Media Conference.

In the meantime, I wish you your own fun bloggers' meeting experience !


  1. this why i love blogging and dwarf hippos. ok let me read this post now

  2. I need to add this one : if it wasn't for Lova's very positive spirit, generosity and cute glasses we wouldn't invite him to FOKO. On our next meeting we should def meet on evenings,...so I too can dance the kangaroo laps while talking about activism geeky stuffs.

    TGIF, 2 shots of vodka and he I am blogging again...

  3. je me rattrape un peu de ce commentaires à la mort-moinoeux en te confirmant tes constatations sur les journalistes fraçais " douteux" par rapport au journalise citoyen : http://pisani.blog.lemonde.fr/2008/02/15/blogs-vs-new-york-times/
    mais en fait ce que je comprends c'est que ce Média inné et spontané n'a qu'un seul défaut : il ne peut pas être contrôlé!!!!
    D'ou le sentiment de malaise même des journalistes réguliers pour ne pas citer l'attitude de la plupart des gouvernements. L'idéal ce serait de chercher une autre appelation, peut être que "blog" ça fait tout moche pour les francophones?
    j'y réfléchis et je te poste ça (loL)

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    I'm glad we're even since I'm making translating everything...lol!

    Chroniques? Carnet (so our intensive use of Moleskines somewhere has a something to do with blogging)?

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