Hey the 7 secrets tag is back :). ( My failing memory tells me I have done this before but I am getting old so...not too sure anymore)

A few things of note before I get started with the tag:

1) Dr. Mosi suggested that I changed the title of this blog. Here is what he said:

".... old and busted - malagasy dwarf hippo

... new and exciting - T-rex eating giant malagasy frog"

Sounds good to me. That's a mighty big frog too (via bbc.uk) !

In more important and somber news, you probably know that Cyclone Ivan landed in Madagascar and causing major damages and casualties.
Joan has taken up on collecting all informations about Ivan, whether it may be from SMS, phone conversation and blogs over here. A "Cyclone Ivan central" if you will.
And here are a few photos of the damages from avylavitra. All our thoughts go to the people directly affected by Ivan.

So onto the tag:

1) I stutter....yep...kind of annoying when you are giving a presentation. Not all the time, but when a little fatigue creeps in, I start to sound like William in a fish called Wanda. Not a pretty sight, my teacher in high school would confirm.

2) My laptop cannot handle skype too well. Yep, it's that bad. Too much crap downloaded over the years ( don't even ask...). So when I am on skype, I am probably using someone else's computer.

3) I once wanted some playmobile soldiers so badly that I took some from the store unbeknown to my parents. They made me take it back there and I got a good spanking when I got home. The humiliation in public was much more effective than the spanking....

4) I love cats, I have one but I am allergic to them. So most of the time, I sound like I just had a major hangover. I don't care I am not getting rid of the cat. I might get rid of my nose though...

5) I think would pay for $100 to have dinner with Steve Nash, $200 with Alicia Keys, $250 with Bono... but I will also ask them to support my charity of choice ;).

6) I think people are genuinely good at heart but they need a lot of help to do the right thing (especially me)

7) Extra-terrestrial Life ? You bet. It's pretty arrogant of us to think that we are the only living thing in the universe, don't you think ?

That is it for the interlude.

I am thinking of tagging other bloggers but in light of the current situation back home , let me direct you to some blogs that are discussing the matter:

The PPC, Tomavana, Jentilisa, Avylavitra, Mialy s'en fout, Harinjaka, Insane mind and many more.

Here is a sombering photo from avylavitra:


  1. when did you had the time to make this list? i knew i was annoying at an incredible point you better not tell me you wrote this during my cyclonic liveblogging session....
    4) why do you like cats? ils sont snobs et distants...pas comme les hippo
    2) i remember back in december thinking about buying you an OLPC bc of the systeme D skype you made us do : mialy and hjk on skype and lova on joan's phone....nampalahelo kely lé facture...


  2. for IVAN
    i just wish I had 40 fingers and more contacts .... but I must thank the dizains of people who were online with me....next time we'll be more and better prepared to help the guyz !

  3. Lova,
    I think this one tells a lot about you
    "4) I love cats, I have one but I am allergic to them. So most of the time, I sound like I just had a major hangover. I don't care I am not getting rid of the cat. I might get rid of my nose though..."


  4. Anonymous8:02 AM

    Plus je te lis, plus je t'apprécie ! - im

  5. @Jogany,
    Alas, hippos are mean too sometimes...
    yep, my nose ( more like my sinuses) is one of the most disappointing thing of my daily life... that and my fluctuating brain...
    moi aussi ( plus je lis ton blog...)
    par contre plus je me lis...:(

  6. moi aussi je suis allergique au chat, mais si on me donne un Garfield en vrai, je dirai pas non :-P

    bizz Lova!

  7. @Trinitty,

    le mien est venu frapper a ma porte un jour de neige il y a un an et n'a plus voulu repartir.
    Tandremo ary so tongavany Garfield matavy ianao rehefa kelikely ;).