Tananarive Due: an author worth knowing

(photo via Tananarive's blog)

Tananarive Due: Cool name, isn't it ?
Surely I am a bit biased because of the origin of her name but by all accounts, Tananarive is an extremely talented writer who also sounds like she is a lot of fun to hang out with.
I stumbled upon her writing while skimming through the latest articles on the presidential elections:
Here is what she had to say about the "Philadelphia" speech in the huffington post:
" Last weekend, I thought it would only be possible for Barack Obama to win the nomination, or the presidency, if he was willing to play political games I thought he would despise. He could win, but it would be at great personal and collective cost.
A week later, I am more convinced it is possible for Barack Obama to win the Democratic nomination, and the presidency beyond. Gov. Richards' endorsement on Friday only strengthens my faith. But there is a major difference: Instead of worrying that my candidate will diminish himself--a common and tragic practice when candidates are tested--I have seen Barack Obama stand even taller."

Tananarive has authored several novels and has been nominated for 2 Bram
Stoker awards, a NAACP image award and won the American Book award. I wonder if any of her novels are available in French.
She discusses one of her latest book co-authored with Blair Underwood and Steven barnes, Casanegra, in this video clip:

The reason why I think I would really enjoy her writings comes from this interview to the DarkEcho:
"Tananarive's got that, too. She's petite, beautiful, intelligent and a professional journalist [..]Most of all, she's just Tananarive. She got so excited about a chance to play and sing with The Rock Bottom Remainders and meet Stephen King, I could hear her scream -- and she's in Miami and I'm in Northeastern Ohio. She says dumb things when meeting famous authors (I won't repeat any of them, she'd kill me.) She's been known to drink sake and talk all night with writer buddies. She's got dreams and disappointments and a generous laugh that's bigger than she is."

And what about that name ?:
"TD: When [My mum] was in college, she took a course in contemporary Africa, and Tananarive is the capital city of Madagascar. She loved the name and decided she would give it to her first-born daughter, but it was a couple of years before I was born...and in the mean time, she'd forgotten how to spell it! She had to call up her old professor to find the correct spelling. I always joke that I've been besieged by copy-editors from the very beginning, because my name is misspelled, crossed out and corrected on my birth certificate."

Yep, a class in contemporary Africa that includes Madagascar. I think there is an outside chance that Mrs Due will join the Madagascar for Obama chapter :).( I am aware that there is no such thing as a Madagascar for Obama chapter but still...).


  1. Hey ! what about founding the Madagascar for Obama chapter, you, me and your sis, and my mom, and recruiting Ms Due as our honorary president ?

  2. >Sipakv,
    Don't tease me :). I think it could be a fun exercise ;). Talk about reaching out. Distance between Chicago and Tana= 9,400 miles.