Happy Birthday Randiana: Island of love and Voices wihtout Votes

Today is my sister's birthday, Randiana aka ketablaogy. She is to be given credits for the most read posts on this blog. We got to celebrate shortly my last night in Paris when she flew in from Tunis. I was hoping to spend more time with her but work got in the way :).
Anyway, in memory of her time in Sao Paulo, here is a video of a song called "Madagascar Olodum"

( Thanks to Paula and Daniel who kindly provided a preview of the song in Budapest)
Her "Madagascar for Obama" plea was also posted on Voices without Votes by Jillian York.
So join me in wishing her a wonderful birthday wherever she might be now.


  1. joyeuse anniversaire à la sœur de lova :)

  2. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Happy birthday to your sister Lova!

    My greatest pleasure to sing this for you. Will provide the lyrics soon!

    There's this bit, is it malagasy?

    sakalavas oná ê,
    sakalavas oná ah

    It is part of the lyrics and it is definitely not Portuguese!


  3. Merci Maintikely :)
    Thanks so much on behalf of my sister. Sakalava is an ethnic group in Madagascar.
    Now if I knew what this meant:
    "Madagascar ilha
    ilha do amor
    E viva Pelourinho
    Patrimonio da humanidade
    � Pelourinho, Pelourinho
    Palco da vida e nas negras verdades"
    I guess the Ninja Gap I mentioned in Budapest is not an issue in Brazil :).


  4. Bon anniversaire cousine :)
    Bises !

  5. Anonymous12:43 AM

    Happy Birthday to Randiana!

    best wishes fom Taiwan. :)

  6. happy birthday to Randiana.
    I remembered that I had actually blogged about this song.
    See here with translation in English :

  7. @ all, apparently this blog is not accessible in Tunis so my sister cannot reply herself. But I fwd the message to her and she thanks everyone for the warm thoughts.
    Thank you sipakv for the translation. I forgot to mention that this was the reason for the title of the post :).

  8. Happy birthday Randiana and many happy returns. It must be a blessing having a brother like Lova ;)

  9. @sillybahrainigirl (thoroughly blushing.. :D )