Blog day: 5 continents

Blog Day 2008

I thought that for blogday this year, a good theme would be to discuss blogs outside the ones in my feed reader.

It's kind of the point of blogday anyway but this year, I wanted to mention blogs that are not only far geographically but also different culturally and thematically. My small contribution to the concept of xenophilia that drives Global Voices, if you will.

That is the last mention of blogs in my aggregator for today :).

Here goes:

1)Africa: Sante en Afrique: by SOMSRT: Blog in French about current issues in Africa, with an emphasis on French-speaking Africa.
Lots of updates, easy-to-read writing and rich in information.

2) America: Gustav watch by Kristina in Jackson, MS. A new blog by a friend of Madagascar who will post updates of Gustav from her location in Mississippi.
Native American Blog by RedHawk. The tagline says: "We are in the process of helping everyone to understand who and why the First American is the same as everyone else and also why they are unique in our greater society."

If you want to know what RedHawk thinks of the current political process and how it affects his community, click here.

3) Asia: "KO: everyman’s guide to garbology" posting from Karachi, PK.
KO's been blogging since the 90's. I liked his reason for blogging for its simplicity: "Writing about anything, even if it’s just a few lines, seems to imprint them far more permanently, and makes it easier to recall later on" . His latest post about a senator who defended the practice of burying 3 teenage girls as a custom was eye-opening and how fitting his reaction was.

4) Europe: Islam in Europe by Esther.
A fascinating post about the opening of a Muslim high school in the town of Marseilles, fr. The grand mufti of Marseilles opposes the project.
Another one is how muslim women in Oslo came together to support the editor of a gay magazine, Michael Hartman.

5) Oceania: Budhism society in westen Australia
This is a message board tackling different issues as they relate to Buddhism in the context of Australia and beyond.

The thread called "Why I am not a Buddhist" has some quite original viewpoints.

Enjoy the reading and keep the current victims of Gustav (Haiti, Cuba) and future victims ( in the delta area) in your thoughts.


  1. Great post! I love discovering new blogs thanks to days like today!

  2. Thanks Otir !

    Loved your entry as well. The importance of meeting de visu for bloggers cannot be overstated.