National Anthems Revisited.

Has Olympics triggered a renewal of nationalism all around the world ?
I'd say yes and no.
It depends on what one calls nationalism. I am not exactly sure of the precise definition myself (pride, identity or appreciation...) but the following videos will explain better than I ever will my personal view on the meaning of nationalism.

Without further ado, singers honoring the anthem of countries that are not theirs:

The Lipscomb High School Chorus (USA) sings the anthem of Madagascar:

Kenyan singers (Kenya) sing the anthem of India ( As Part of Pangea Day):

Akina Shirt (Cree Nation, Canada) sings the anthem of Canada in her native tongue (not a foreign nation but the point here is that Canada let its national anthem be sung in a Cree language honoring the Cree nation and for that, bravo to her and to Canada).

Koyanagi Yuki (Japan) sings the anthem of the United States of America:

3 year-old Asian American (USA) sings the anthem of France:

The Il Viaggio a Reims (Italy) opera sings the anthem of Germany.

Marvin Gaye (USA) sings the anthem of the USA (just because Marvin Gaye was such a genius, he was extra-terrestrial and this version is out-of-this-world good)

If you know of other instances of brilliant renditions of national anthems by foreigners, let me know.

After the GV summit, one of the bloggers told Rebecca MacKinnon: "Nationalism is dead for me now".
It may not be dead for me but it certainly needs to be redefined. I am grateful I grew up in Madagascar but I cannot be boastful about something that was given to me.
Moreover, things have evolved. During the Olympics, Nastia Liukin worked her heart out to win medals for the USA, should anyone here root any lesser for her because she was born in Russia? (map of foreign-born athletes for USA)


  1. I've always thought that there should be no visa travel. That would help my life considerably.

    Unfortunately, until everyone subscribes to similar ideals of human rights, it's probably not going to be possible. (I'm including the right to food / shelter / education / internet / habeas corpus / free speech / security / democracy for all Homo sapiens sapiens) And space for animals. Some countries just don't subscribe to many of those yet... and think some of them are downright evil.

  2. The way the world goes seems to indicate that there will be more visa requirements, not less. Virtual traveling might be the sole solution. ;)