Celebrating great olympics: Yao Ming and Malagasy athlete party on

The Olympics are over. It's been fun. No recap here. Just a few photos that I think sum up my feelings about these past 2 weeks. Thank you Beijing for being a great host to a great event.

( via nbcolympics)

(photos taken from my tv set, apologies for the poor quality)
Athlete from Madagascar might not have won any medals but they still danced like it's 1999. Tojohanitra Tokiniaina Andriamanjatoarimanana is the lady in the orange shirt (images are not clear but I am pretty sure it's her) and she is leading Yao Ming ( right behind her) to "throw his arms in the air like you just don't care" at the closing ceremony in Beijing (see photos).

We may debate Bolt vs Phelps, total medal counts vs gold medal counts, age limit or freedom of expression, but Tojohanitra does not care, she is dancing with Yao Ming. And isn't that what the olympics are really about ?

Here is hoping Yao Ming will come party in Antanarivo sometimes again with us (Tojohanitra is a swimmer, h/t to Joan for finding her info.).

update: Here is the video of the photos above ( footage at the 8:29 mark of the video as you can see on the photo below)

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