For a better global flow of ideas: Clips of E. Zuckerman and O. Wasow panel discussion

Solana and I were lucky enough to catch a panel discussion on technology and Access at the New Museum as part of the "Younger than Jesus" exhibition on. Ethan Zuckerman and Omar Wasow discussed the implication of internet access, its benefits and limitations for groups who are not as connected yet. Even though I am quite familiar with Global Voices, I am still fascinated by how much I learn when I get to hear the exchange of ideas between these scholars. So instead of boring you with what I learn from the two talks, here is a clip I took of the discussion after the panel presentation on how we can improve the flow of ideas on global scale and why we should work hard at it:

The analogy "Distributed Information /balanced nutrition" total works for me.

Here are the first 10 minutes of Ethan's talk on how we can help improve the flow of ideas. Don't miss the flow map of flights around the world on any given day (at 6:20 mark), it is striking.

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  1. I also enjoyed the talk, and the nice company.