Bloggers in Madagascar just blow my mind

I have been in Antananarivo for a little more than a week now. It's been mostly about running around town, catching up with families, seeing old friends, meeting familiar online friends in real life... the head is spinning quite a bit from all the stories and the resilience of the people here.

Oddly enough, I have not been able to keep track of news as well as when I was abroad but I definitely have a better understanding of what happended and how people experienced the past months. Things as expected were much more complicated than they appeared, granted it was already confusing enough.

I have many photos, clips and stories I'd like to share but time and internet access is failing me. So I decided to just enjoy the company of families and friends as much as possible, blogging be damned :).

Last but not least, I'd like to give a shout out to all bloggers who took time to chat with me. It's been an education and a true treat. And you know what is really missing from blogging? You rarely get to share a good laugh together.

We will try to all get together and share our experiences, tips and lesson learned as new media users during crisis on
Saturday , July 4th at Ivotel Ambohidahy from 13:00 until who knows when....

It will be a continuation of BarCamp Madagascar 9 months ago ( an enriching meet-up from all accounts) and a workshop on new media tools for beginners will close the session.

A few influential bloggers and twitterers have already agreed to present on various themes such as: why they felt that blogging was a civil act a the times, the complenetarity of blogging with journalism, importance of timely, authentic tweets, staying out of harm's way and how digital media can participate in the recovery process.

I have been preaching the importance of linking to other blogs in blog posts and here I am, without a link to show for.

The lesson as always, I am an idiot.

Still, please do come on saturday, the exchange of ideas and the manner in which it will happen will be intriguing.

Plus there will be food, drinks and free wifi.


  1. Will you guys tweet the BarCamp? That would be cool. Say hi to everyone for me!

  2. How I wish I could be there. I'm glad that you're going with the "blogging be damned" philosophy. It's important to remember that blogging should encourage us to spend more offline time with new friends, not the other way around. With that said, I am eager to hear your thoughts and get your valuable contextualization when the time is right. Please send me regards, high fives, and big hugs to everyone.

  3. I really like to share with us all your photos and clips if you find the way to do that. This is sound really interesting.

  4. Thanks you guys,

    will definitely try to get some live reports from the chat. A preview with a small group of journos and bloggers today really took an interesting turn. Shared the Rising Voices good vibes with all of them.
    Cheers to all,

  5. Sounds really good. I won´t be there but I really would like to see some pictures...