Say it like you mean it: Halloween Edition

It's the Halloween week-end and a musical post is in order ( been a while since I posted one of those).

Still I also feel like I have not fully explained why this "citizen media" thing is so critical in places like Madagascar where transparency is fuzzy and the Rule of Law can be interpreted by any politicians the way they see fit.

Apparently I am not the only one who thinks that opinions expressed online matters. Two dynamic Malagasy bloggers (reflexiums and Solofo) have reported being approached by friends of the current Malagasy government to write positive reviews of the Malagasy transition. The claims ring true to me because I also received a similar email as well asking me to review for a fee a few programs currently implemented.

As flattering as it is for those guys to think that bloggers can do some PR for them, I believe they will be better off spending their energy and money on making sure the next elections are reviewed by a neutral entity (not looking good right now).

But the point is made, I guess. Online media matters enough to bribe or intimidate citizen journalists. We are entering a new era of communication in Madagascar and I hope we will somehow move regulation in the right direction.

But the subject's been to grim and serious around here. I want to hear music and happy thoughts, so in the spirit of Halloween, let me explain the title of the post:

"Say it like you mean it" is a combination of "Say Anything" and "Smile like you mean it".
Say Anything is a movie famous for a scene where bad boy Lloyd Dobler finally get the courage to express how he feels towards his lady friend. He gets a boombox, stands in the rain under her window and plays P. Gabriel: "In your eyes" (following is a recreation, not the original scene)

The scene is such a classic that when when my neighbor went to a Halloween party dressed with a coat and a a boombox above his head, girls smiled and boys started to sing.
That is what blogging is to me: say anything you want, about whatever you want but say it with conviction and take ownership of your message, even if sometimes, you have to use someone else words.
And of you decide to accept an offer to blog for a fee, go right ahead; there is nothing wrong with that, but please be open and transparent about it.

Secondly, Have fun with blogging. It should be an enjoyable experience shared with a community at large, just like a Halloween. In other words, when it comes to blogging you should "Smile like you mean it"

That's it for my 2 cents on blogging.
If you want to read a frequently updated blog (with conviction and data to back up) about the Madagascar mess, you can't go wrong with reading the latest from here (in mg)

More worthy bloggers can be found here.

So Happy Halloween to all, I am going to go as either Melman or my cat.

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